my top 5 things to do in LA

hellloooooo, lovebugs! blogging live from highway 93 in the middle of nowhere arizona on our way to the south rim of the grand canyon! so sorry this post didn’t go up yesterday like normal, but also not sorry because vegas is FUN. hahah!

(if you are confused as to why i’m such an adventure, let me clue you in real quick. my internship ended thursday, mom also flew out to LA on thursday and we’re headed out on a 5 day road trip back to texas. WOO!)

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frills + thrills: JULY

i cannot believe july is over. i know i say that time flies all the time, but i swear i don’t know how the month of july got away from me. i leave LA in 10 days y’all. what?! alsooooo bestie number two gets here on thursday, and boy do we have some fun things planned! stay tuned on my instastories to see all that we get ourselves into.

but you know what the end of the month means, another frills + thrills post! i’m starting to really like these, so y’all buckle up because you never know what i might share with you.

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