today’s look…”fall”tivities.

let the “fall”tivities begin! this past friday i took a little trip to the pumpkin patch with my best gal pal, taylor, to kick off all things fall. whether we’re having fall weather or not, i do not care! bring on all the fall candles (leaves from B&BW is my all time fave), baking multitudes of yummy treats, watching my favorite halloween movie, hocus pocus, pumpkin carving, and maybe even a PSL or two. 😉 i’m not sure why i love the fall so much. maybe it’s because it finally starts to cool down, or because it’s football season, or because the holidays are drawing near and i’ll get to spend time with my sweet family.

i don’t think i’ve been home once all semester, which is so unlike me, but i’ve pretty busy with school and work. lucky for me, this weekend is america’s greatest homecoming here at oklahoma state and the fam is coming up for the weekend. GO POKES! i should really make a post about homecoming because i’m sure you don’t understand the amazing-ness that is OSU homecoming, but until then here’s a little explanation.

have an amazing week, lovebugs!

sweater: ASTR the Label / jeans: American Eagle / booties: Forever21 (similar linked below) / earrings: Vanessa Mooney / lips: MAC Taupe


my full face routine.

hello, lovebugs! it’s been quite a while since i’ve written any sort beauty post, so i thought today was a great day for a beauty day! i’ve found myself in a pretty good routine when it comes to my face makeup (eye makeup varies by the day), so why not share it and any tips & tricks i have along the way?

i used to hardly ever wear face makeup…maybe some concealer and bronzer, but that’s about it. honestly, i really didn’t need it. while i still don’t necessarily NEED a full face of makeup, i’ve just learned to love doing it. and i’ve been all over the board when it comes to makeup. there was the “no makeup” makeup phase, the matte face phase, the ultra dewy/shimmery phase, the lots of eyeliner phase & my personal fave (jk) the creative eyeshadow phase. since then i’ve found a pretty good balance between matte & dewy and bold & natural, so no need to worry there.

let’s get to it!

step 1: PREP IT

i start every makeup sesh with a clean and well moisturized face, and well that’s about it. i’m just trying to keep things as simple as possible over here!

step 2: COVER IT

for foundation i’ve been using the new Bare Minerals Made-2-Fit foundation and of course a damp beauty blender. never again will i use a brush for foundation! after that’s all blended in, i use my CoverGirl concealer stick under my eyes and on any blemishes. i usually grab a shade lighter for my under eyes to really brighten things up. i wouldn’t say this is my fave concealer…more like i’m just waiting for it to run out. lol

(sidenote: my favorite drugstore foundation currently is the L’oreal Infallible Matte foundation.)

step 3: SET IT

to set my foundation and concealer i use two different NYX powders: the banana pressed powder for under my eyes (the yellow cancels out any blue tones like a champ!) & the transparent pressed powder for the rest of my face. and then for some reason i always go back and press my power in with my beauty blender to make sure it’s nice and smooth. weird, i know, but it works..i promise!

step 4: FILL IT

filling in my brows has got to be my favorite part of my makeup routine…i mean have you seen my eyebrows? not trying to be vain, i swear! lol i’ve been using a new brow pencil recently, and i’d say it’s probably the best one i have used in a while, and it’s only $10. what?!

i could do a whole post on brows, so if that’s something that interests you let me know!!

step 5: CONTOUR IT

right behind doing my brows on my list of favorites is contouring. now i don’t go contour crazy like those videos on twitter, but i do like to create definition and ya girl LOVES her highlight. i use the Revolution contour palette from Ulta for both my bronzer and my highlight. two things in one place makes getting ready that much easier.

step 6: EYE IT

this is the part where i do my eye makeup. you know, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, the works! but it changes on the daily so i won’t go into the details on this one…yet. 😉

step 7: FIX+ IT

last but certainly not least is setting everything. i’ve been using MAC Fix+ (why did nobody tell me i needed to use this sooner?!) to set my makeup. this stuff does wonders!

and that’s about it! nothing too crazy! let me know of any foundation recommendations you may have as i’ll be back in the market soon. have a wonderful rest of your week, lovebugs!


today’s to know what?


okay, sorry for yelling. i’m just that excited! yesterday afternoon in the middle of class i got my acceptance email into the RewardStyle program! WOOT WOOT! this is not only huge for me, but also super awesome for you lovebugs. if you have no idea what i’m talking about, allow me to explain.

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