today’s look..thanksgiving outfit idea.

whew. you guys it’s been a long week…and it’s only thursday! this also hasn’t been an easy week; blog post to come on that. but today i wanted to keep things light and share this fall look with you that i’m LOVING, and would make a great Thanksgiving outfit. i think this is one of the best falls i’ve seen in stillwater since i’ve been in college. it’s chilly, but not too chilly. the leaves are actually taking their time changing colors and falling, not just turning brown and falling in one day. it’s beautiful and makes for such a peaceful walk to class. god is so cool!

number one reason i’m considering wearing this outfit for our Thanksgiving get together is because it’s so easy. i hate nothing more than an outfit that i’m constantly fidgeting with.┬áthis eyelash knit sweater is so soft and cozy (AND AFFORDABLE). usually i’m worried about turtlenecks or mocknecks being too tight on my neck, but no worries with this one. also, these bell sleeves…I CAN’T GET ENOUGH.

i love my american eagle jeans for numerous reasons: they’re affordable, the have a 11.25″ rise (talk about high waisted), they sell them in LONG & for in case they are a stretchy jegging. tall girl’s dream jean. and since it’s Thanksgiving, you know you’ll need a little give for all that turkey and pie. ­čśë

oh! kendall + kylie started carrying this Finley boot again! WOOT WOOT! i looooveee these booties so much, and now they have them in a camel color. so beautiful and perfect for fall.

sweater: Nordstrom / jeans: American Eagle / Booties: Kendall + Kylie / bag: Celine / earrings: SugarFix / lip: Revlon

flex friday: why you NEED a thigh gap.

okay, i know what you’re thinking. “wow, emily, you’re being kinda shallow…hypocritical even.” well lucky for you that title was some MAJOR clickbait and this flex friday post isn’t about why you NEED a thigh gap, but rather why you DON’T.

truth time: i caught myself obsessing over my body again. the thought that my legs were too big, that i needed to lose weight, and that i didn’t “look good” anymore…whatever that means.

i feel like every post i write like this (or anyone else writes for that matter) always comes back around to killing comparison. and i’m kinda okay with it because i know it’s something i need to keep hearing, so i know someone else needs to hear it too.

first off, i don’t understand body fads. in the 50s, curvy was “in.” then stick thin was the thing. now it’s the big butts and itty bitty waists. well let me tell you what’s really “in”…YOU. YOUR BODY. your beautifully and wonderfully made body. something i’ve had to realize is that we are all built completely different. we carry weight in different places. some build muscle faster than others. i have pretty muscular legs and arms, thanks to sports all my life and my bodybuilding phase. i’m not going to have teenie, little legs like the girl’s i compare myself to. AND THAT’S OKAY.

i love my muscular body. i love being strong, but i also love being healthy. so yeah, i may not ever have a thigh gap, or the tiniest waist, or the most capped shoulders because i don’t want to starve myself to get them. AND THAT’S OKAY.

see a trend here? god made you in his perfect image.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
┬á┬á┬á┬ámy soul knows it very well.”

psalm 139:14

top: Romwe / leggings: Adidas Originals / sneaks: Nike

today’s look…ruffles + tips for trying trends.

heeelllllooooo, lovebugs! so you’ve probably seen ruffles EVERYWHERE this fall. on tops, on sweaters, on sleeves, on skirts…on literally everything. initially, i wasn’t the biggest fan of ruffles and frilly things. y’all know me, i like simple, easy-going outfits like look like i didn’t try too hard. but sometimes you’ve just got to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, take some risks..isn’t that what fashion is all about?

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