the BEST podcasts you NEED to listen to.

the best podcasts you need to listen to

if you’ve read my latest post, you’d know that one of my new year’s anti-resolutions/intentions was to listen to more podcasts. ya girl LOVES some true crime, but what better way to branch out and find new podcasts than to ask all of YOU BABES for your faves?

i started listening to podcasts on my 45-ish minute commute to work, and then it slowly evolved into anytime i’m in the car, doing cardio, cleaning, getting ready in the morning or pretty much any task that doesn’t take too much thinking. i love music, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes i’d much rather learn or feel like i’m eavesdropping in someone else’s convo. hehehe

i asked over on facebook & instagram to share your most listened to podcasts with me, and i was thrilled to find out that so many of you love podcasts too. swear i thought i was the only one. a lot of you asked me to share the recommendations that i got so i compiled a big ole list of my faves, and YOURS, down below!

is there a freakin’ good one i missed? let me know! share it in the comments. i’ll be sure to update this post frequently as i find new podcasts.

ps: these are in no particular order & i’ve bolded the ones i love and have listened to!


the influencer podcast

babes and babies

the nights rewatch


that sounds fun! with annie f downs

dr. death

the wonderland murders

thick and thin

girl’s gotta eat

tnt podcast

the popcast

the bible binge

up and vanished


rise together



doctrine and devotion

this american life

the tim ferriss show

crime junkies

bucci radio

community bible church

transformation church

we said what

what we said

the porch

dirty john

lady gang

my favorite murder

the next right thing

build your tribe

the skinny confidential

earn your happy

the morning toast

the moth

99% invisible

getting curious

the rfk tapes

thrilling adventure hour

goal digger podcast

gals on the go

model health show

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