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i don’t think anyone truly understands how happy athleisure makes me.
i mean, HELLO?! it’s finally acceptable to wear gym clothes in public (can i get an amen?), and chic gym wear is now available just about anywhere.
who doesn’t want to be on trend AND comfy and the same time? that’s what i thought.
i’m not super comfortable wearing super cropped crop tops or straight up sports bras (blame it on the long torso), and you definitely won’t find this girl in spandex shorts anywhere but at home, however i have been taking bits and pieces of inspo from some of my favorite gals.
like tying up a simple top to hit just above the waist of your pants (yes, leggings are pants.), or maybe throwing a windbreaker (hello 90s) over a sports bra. now that i could do!
and don’t forget the shoe game. it’s the quintessential part of the athleisure trend. fashion sneakers are all the rage right now…so keep your gym shoes for the gym. 😉
i rounded up some of the pieces i’ve been eyeing or have bought recently.
adidas is killing the game, let me tell you.

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just realized that everything is black, white and gray….no sorry about it. 😛

flex friday: superfoods + protein smoothie recipe!

happy friday, lovebugs!
we’re taking a little bit of a different approach to flex friday today by backing off the topic of fitness and moving more towards the topic of health, nutrition and a little bit of beauty. so i hope that’s okay!
one thing i’ve noticed since starting my fitness journey and getting my nutrition on point is that not only do i FEEL better, but i LOOK better.
and no i’m not talking about my body…i’m talking about my skin!
like can we make the phrase “a clean diet and a gallon of water a day keeps the dermatologist away” a thing?
a huge part of a good diet is making sure you get in nutrient rich foods. these nutritionally dense foods are commonly known as superfoods, and pack a mighty punch.
foods like spinach, goji berries, chia seeds, quinoa, cacao nibs, kale, salmon, blueberries and almonds provide “important nutrients such as antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber and phytochemicals.” –
my favorite way to incorporate superfoods into my diet is through yummy shakes!
toss in some spinach or kale or both (i promise you can’t taste it!), chia seeds, blueberries or raspberries and a sprinkle of cacao nibs (aka pure CHOCOLATE!) to take your boring protein shake to the next level!

scroll down to get my yummy shake recipe!

– chocolate raspberry delight –

1 cup almond milk – i prefer unsweetened vanilla
1 banana (frozen) – makes for a creamier smoothie
1/2 cup raspberries – preferably frozen
1 scoop chocolate whey protein
1 tsp cacao nibs
handful of spinach

nutrition facts :
29 g protein / 43 g carbs / 8 g fats

blend and enjoy!

try this recipe and tag me in your pics on social media by hashtagging #LoveEmmarie or #LEFlexFriday!
annnndddd sharing is caring, so be sure to share your favorite smoothie/shake recipes in a comment below!

flex friday: how to conquer GYM-TIMIDATION.

happy friday, lovebugs!
i hope you had a great week and are ready for the weekend..i know i was!
i’m actually up at the lake with my family in oklahoma soaking up some sun and working on my knee boarding skills, but you know me, i can’t stay away from the gym for long (especially since i was away at camp all last week). i found a local gym and bought a weekend pass so that i can still go get my training in this weekend.
i know, i know, i’m obsessed.
i was talking with a girlfriend the other day about how i switched to a bigger gym, and she told me that the idea of training in a large gym kind of intimidated her and that is why she doesn’t go as often as she would like to.
whether it be because of intimidation or they’re unsure of what to do, i know so many other girls feel the same way. and don’t worry, i was there once too, and still feel a little self-conscience sometimes.
so today, i thought i’d talk about a few different things you can do to help totally beat that “gym-phobia” you may have.
because in order to get muscle gainz you have to have those confidence gainz first!!

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here’s a quick rundown of my four way to beat your gym-timidation!

1. dress for success
wear something you feel confident in. look good, feel good has never been so true.
if you’re feelin’ yourself, you’ll feel your workout too. 😉
2. have a plan
know what you’re going to do before you get in the gym. being mentally prepared will help you out tremendously.
if you’re unsure of what to do, find a training plan on the internet, hire a coach, or meet with a personal trainer at your gym. plus, if you pay someone i bet you’ll be a little more motivated to go.
3. zone out & focus
put your headphones in, girl, and get after it. tune everyone out (no one’s looking at you anyways, promise. ;)) and focus on what you came to the gym to do.
every rep of every set is one step closer to your goal of being a better you. let’s get it.
4. stay positive
i feel like this one’s pretty self explanatory. do ever get anything done well with a negative attitude toward it? no ma’am, and if you do it’s probably way more difficult than it should be.
keep a positive mindset, girly, because the mental game is half the battle.

do have other tips for gaining confidence in the gym? share them below!