today’s look..pretty in pleats.

happy weekend, loves! i only have a few weeks left here in sunny los angeles, which is very bittersweet, so i’m trying to get everything checked off my “los angeles: bites & sights” list.

lucky for me, my family made a trip out to see me this week (and yes, i cried when i hugged my momma for the first time in 2 months..don’t hate.) and we are seeing ALLLL the sights and eating ALLLL the food, because who doesn’t like to be tourist in their own city?!

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today’s look…what to wear for the fourth of july.

red one piece high waisted denim shorts platform beach bag

okay, can we please be proud of the fact that i’m posting this BEFORE the fourth, so that you might actually be able to draw outfit inspiration?!
*accepts round of applause*
if you didn’t know, i LOVE the fourth of july. everything from the fireworks, to barbeques, picnics, days on the lake, getting all decked out in red, white & blue, oh and celebrating the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world! it’s a day that we can all put politics aside and come together over the love we have for the country we are truly blessed to live in. #merica

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