three products that changed my life.

wow. a bit over dramatic today, aren’t we emily? nothing out of the ordinary here. hehe. but do you know what i mean? i can’t be the only gal out there with some ride or die products! okay, while these products haven’t technically changed my life, sometimes i wonder how i ever got ready without them! i bet you’re DYING to know what they are, right? here’s my cult favorite products.

jergens wet skin moisturizer.

y’all. if you’ve never tried this lotion you need to…like ASAP. it’s seriously a magical product. slather this all over your body after you turn off the water & before you jump out of the shower and dry off (yes, on your wet skin), pat dry and VOILA! silky smooth skin without having to wait for lotion to soak in.

lash boost.

i like to call this “miracle grow for your lashes,” because that’s seriously what it is. i started using lash boost back in january, and in about 3 weeks i was noticing significant growth in my lashes. LENGTH & THICKNESS. WHAT?! for you gals who have little baby lashes like i did, you’ve gotta try this. i know it’s a bit pricey…but trust me.

disclaimer: i don’t sell rodan & fields, nor am i promoting a single distributor.

kaplan md lip balm

don’t get me wrong, i LOVE my blistex (seriously the best drugstore lip balm, i swear.), but this stuff is definitely SPLURGE WORTHY. it has spf 20. yes, even your lips need protection! it also isn’t too shiny or gloss like, so even B will use it (& isn’t afraid to do a little smoochin’ ;)). men, you need soft lips too.

shout out to kait & kat for introducing me to the kaplan md world this summer!

top: Target / shorts: Madewell

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