flex friday: my favorite BOOTY workout

the last #flexfriday of 2017. wow. it’s so crazy to me that this year has already come and gone…but more on that in a post to come! today, i wanted to share my favorite BOOTY DAY workout. i asked y’all a while back on instagram if personal workouts was something y’all wanted to see & you said YES. so here we go!

i wrote this one as i went one day, and it hurt so good i just had to share it. if any of you out there are certified personal trainers & you see some way to better improve this routine, shoot me an email! if any of you babes have questions on any of these exercises, don’t be afraid to drop me a comment, email, DM, whatever!

4×10 (each leg) – bulgarian split squats

i like to use the barbell for this, but dumbbells work too if you need to go a little lighter.

3×10 – barbell pulse squats

in a wide sumo stance, squat down, pulse twice & then stand up fully. really really SQUEEZE.

4×12 – straight leg deadlifts with deficit

stand on a box to get a deeper stretch. you can use a plate, weighted EZ bar or dumbbell.

4×15 – seated hamstring curl

slow & controlled & SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE.

3×10 – abductor machine (pushing legs apart)

i like to lift up off the seat so that i’m in a squat position when i do these. you’ll be able to do a bit heavier weight & a better stretch. just don’t forget to hold on the the weight stack in front of you. lol

finish up with 15-20 minutes of gooooood stretching.

thank me later when your BOOTAY is on FIREEEE. 😉

what’s your favorite booty day exercise? let me know in the comments!! see you in 2018, lovebugs!

top: Old Navy / leggings: BCG at Academy / sneakers: Nike / lips: MAC Velvet Teddy


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