five things i’m grateful for.

good morning, babes! i gotta be up front and honest with y’all..i’ve been HORRIBLE about getting my quiet time in recently. i used to be so diligent about setting 30 minutes aside during the day to sit and read my bible, pray, meditate and simply have some solid, well, QUIET TIME.¬† ¬†instead of struggling through it alone, let’s hold each other accountable! i think i’m going to start posting little bits on my instastories again. i used to do that all the time, and i think it was pretty well received.

one of my favorite things to do (usually at the end of the day, or during quiet time…whichever!) is make a gratitude list. my prayer journal (thanks britt!) is actually half prayer half gratitude journal, which is why i started keeping a gratitude list in the first place. i think it’s just a great way to be reminded of how truly blessed we are in our day-to-day lives.

i already did my quiet time for this morning (i read psalm 103), so i thought i’d share my gratitude list for today with y’all. scroll on down!

here are

five things i’m thankful for today:

waking up.

something we should never take for granted.

my support system.

mom, dad, sister, friends, mentors, family. i am seriously so so grateful for all of y’all. thank you for the endless love, support, encouragement and free therapy.

seasons of life.

i read a quote yesterday by christine caine that said, “sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” god puts us through various seasons of life for a reason, so that we can grow and blossom into the men & women he has planned for us to be. he gives us a place, a purpose & provides.

beautiful weather.

because sunny and 75 truly is perfection.

you babes.

y’all are like a whole other form of support system. without you i’d truly have no purpose in doing what i do. so thanks for stickin’ with me. <3

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