FLEX FRIDAY: i am burnt out.

hello, lovebugs! i hope you got all your work done for the week, because you deserve a BREAK! enjoy yourself this weekend..i know i will! my bestest girlfriend, taylor is flying into LAX in just a few hours and i could not be more excited! we have a huge list of things to do and see and eat and drink, starting with the broad this evening.

(keep an eye out for that blog post coming soon! this museum is RAD, so rad it’s sold out, and you won’t want to miss it.)

but in more relevant news, FLEX FRIDAY IS BACK!

there’s been a lot of self-revelation going on recently, and i’m giving you a little insight as to why #flexfridays have been slacking and why taking a break from things is OKAY.

i won’t give too much away, because then there is no reason to watch the vlog! however, there is a little more to the story as to why #flexfridays took a bit of a hiatus so i think that may be the topic of my next one. it has a lot to do with struggling with body image and i think a lot of you girlies (and dudes even!) could relate to that. i know i’m not alone in this never ending battle with self esteem. am i right?

but for now here’s today’s post, and as always feel free to leave any future post suggestions in the comments. i’d love to write about something i know you want to see!

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One thought on “FLEX FRIDAY: i am burnt out.

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    You are so COOL!!! Great wisdom & glad to see FF again!!! These are my fave!!

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