the BEST shampoo + conditioner i’ve ever used.

i’ve honestly never been the best at picking shampoo & conditioner. doesn’t seem that hard until you get to the hair care aisle and realize that there’s about 30 different shampoos that all look the same. i mean i usually grab the same tea tree oil products, whatever promotes volume and body, or (let’s get real) looks aesthetically pleasing. do they ever really work? ehh kinda? do i even know what tea tree oil does for my hair? nope, not really. other than it just seems to really get my hair SQUEAKY clean.

it’s almost like i needed something custom made for my fine, soft, flat hair AND that works well with the super soft water at our house.


when Formulate reached out to me about this idea or custom haircare, i’ve gotta admit, i was a little skeptical. but let me tell you how wrong i was. you know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover?” that fits this situation perfectly. they’ve got this shampoo/conditioner thing down to a science…literally.

instead of typing out a full fledged novel for a review, i filmed a youtube video for y’all explaining how the whole process works, my thoughts, etc! i will warn you it’s a scarily positive review video, which i know some people take as fake. please know that i will NEVER give a fake review for the sake of a product, and that all opinions stated are my own.

ready to dive on in? scroll on down, babes!

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