fort worth weekend getaway!

it seems so weird going on vacation so close to home. it also seems weird that i’ve never really been to fort worth because it is so close to home. i love exploring my own state. it’s crazy all the things you can do and see in texas!
( that’s why we’re the best. 😉 )

so me and the boyfriend went down to ft. worth to meet up with some of his family and have a fun little getaway weekend.

we decided to take amtrak train from okc down to the stockyards (how fun does that sound) instead of driving, so i thought i’d take some cute pics because it’s not everyday that you’re on a train.sidenote: trains have awful lighting, so ya get whatcha get. lol

a little blurb on my amtrak experience:
taking the train is relatively cheap + a student discount! what what?!
it was great because neither one of us had to worry about driving or traffic or car troubles.
the boarding process is insanely easy, you get two checked bags + 2 carry ons, there’s a bar cart, oh and did i mention SO MUCH LEG ROOM?! all my tall gals will understand. 🙂

we were literally in ft. worth for about 30 hours, so the trip was short. we went out on saturday night in the stockyards and got to prance around sundance square for a few hours on sunday before our train left.
i’ve been collecting a list of must see ft. worth places from chronicles of frivolity. i was lowkey really hoping to run into katey that weekend….LOVE HER. there’s so much to do in ft. worth, so needless to say, i’ll be back for some more exploring soon.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

ps: shout out to my amazing man for being my photographer for the weekend. you rock. 😛
(and you’re also being recruited for next time. love you!)

/ sweater: american eagle / leggings: adidas / tennies: stan smith adidas /
/ sunnies: rayban / bag: longchamp med. tote /


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