faith & fortune cookie wisdom.

i think i’ve only ever been inspired by fortune cookie once in my life, and that day was yesterday. i’m not even kidding, y’all, listen to this.

“seek to identify in yourself what you love in others.”

i wish i had some deep revelation after reading this to share with y’all, but i don’t. thinking on it now, i’ve come to realize that this is an ongoing thought process in our lives.


i keep saying it over and over again, this time on my own out here in los angeles is time of major personal and spiritual growth. i’ve had to rely on the lord so much (especially recently) this summer just to get me through and to remind me why i’m here. it’s been hard to understand his plan, but i guess that’s where FAITH comes into play. a role model of mine always uses the acronym F.R.O.G – fully rely on god – and that’s exactly what i have had to do. i’m not fully sure what is to come out of this summer, other than gaining knowledge in my industry, but i know he has something up his sleeve. any of you lovebugs been here?

i’m going to be honest, i googled “verses on self examination” for this post. but hey, how else are you supposed to learn? i found 2 corinthians 13:5 and it says,

“examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. test yourselves. or do you not realize this about yourselves, that jesus christ is in you?” ¬†– 1 cor 13:5

so before we can go about focusing on bettering the weak parts in ourselves, we must examine our hearts. we must see if we have that faith of a mustard seed like jesus told the disciples. because when we have that, he says we can truly move mountains. he can work so much more in your life when you trust him.

and i know, i know, trusting him can be HARD. i’ve been there…trust is my number one struggle. always has been, but it’s something i’m constantly working on. do you struggle with faith & trust?

on another (more exciting) note, my bestest girl friend is coming into town this weekend and i get to play tour guide barbie once again!! y’all i’m gonna know this place like the back of my hand before i leave here, or at least all the touristy spots. lol

one of those touristy spots is alfred’s tea room on melrose place. the perfect little place to grab a yummy tea, or matcha latte in my case, and stroll around melrose.

this little drop waist dress is under $20 on sale right now and i can’t get enough of it! i paired it with my nude block heels and some black accessories to keep it simple and chic.

/ dress: H&M / shoes: Forever21 (similar) / necklace: local boutique / sunnies: local boutique / bag: Lo&Sons /


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