it’s that time of year again, babes. the time where we forget about boys and celebrate our love for our favorite gals. GALENTINE’S DAY!

now don’t get me wrong, i definitely will be celebrating valentine’s day with the boy, but it’s so so important to celebrate your FRIENDSHIPS. your girlfriends get you through a lot..amiright? seasons of singleness, break ups, break downs, hyping you up at your best and always being there with wine and/or ice cream at your worst.

so, i thought let’s plan the perfect little girl’s night IN for galentine’s day this year. sister brought the snacks, i brought the bubbly and we had a grand ole time!

keep on reading to find out how to create the perfect GALENTINE’S NIGHT IN!

(ps: also threw in a quick lil gift guide for your gals down at the bottom, so scroll for that heheh)

step one: grab your gal(s)

step two: set the mood

where else would you go for CUTE & CHEAP holiday decor if you don’t go to target? okay maybe hobby lobby or etsy, but for this GNI i snagged all this cuteness from target. the “happy gals day” sign, heart garland, to-go boxes, champagne flutes, XO stirrers..legitimately everything.

step three: sips & sweets

it wouldn’t be a proper GNI without snacks right? we grabbed those awful, yet so good sugar cookies, popcorn & m&m’s for the sweet and salty girls, and of course candy. DUH. — also pizza. always a good idea.

i also really wanted to create some sort of signature galentine’s day drink, so if you’re a bubbly kinda girl, listen up. it’s nothing crazy, but so yummy!

bubbly pink drink

just mix a little rose and some sprite, toss in a few raspberries and YOU ARE SET, BABE!

step four: celebrate!

turn on some netflix or go “old school” and pop in a dvd and watch your favorite chick flicks and rom coms! play some card games! catch up with everyone! whatever you want to do to spend some quality time with your gals. 🙂

gift ideas for your GALS!

i’ve linked some PERFECT gifts for your girlfriends down below, but if you’re yearning for more check out my galentine’s post from last year!

shop our pajamas!

signature xoxo emily

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