the holiday gift guide for HIM.

alright, ladies. IT’S HERE. i’ve had so many requests to do a gift guide for HIM this year so i gave it a go!

honestly, this took me a lot of brainstorming and i know i still didn’t cover everything! i mean unless i broke it down into “types” there was no way to capture every kind of guy in one gift guide. i guess you could say this gift guide is for the classic man. you know, the football lovin, whiskey/beer drinkin, laid back, all american dude — not to stereotype or anything lol. and if my boyfriend is for some reason reading this: no babe, none of this is for you. good try though. 😉

honestly, there are too many ideas and not enough room in a visually appealing graphic, so make sure to check the bottom of the post for even more picks!

have some good gift ideas for the man in your life? leave them in a comment and help a fellow babe out!

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VEST: okay, but seriously, who doesn’t love a good vest? keep it casual with a tee or henley (love the ones i conveniently added to the gift guide :P) OR dress it up a bit with a button down

TRAVEL MUG: perfect for the guy on the go! this travel mug keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. my favorite part? it has a handle. YES.

HENLEY: i talked about pairing this henley top with the vest i picked, and just had to mention it’s currently ON SALE and comes in SO. MANY. COLORS. you just might need to grab multiple for your dude.

SNEAKERS: i loved this pair of sneakers as soon as i scrolled passed them. they do come in other color ways, i believe, and they aren’t too crazy pricey! great for everyday or hitting the gym!

LEATHER FLASK: makes a fantastic gift paired with a good bottle of thir favorite liquor. i mean what guy wouldn’t want a nice bottle of whiskey?

CANDLE: a gift they’ll never ask for, but i’ve never met a guy who DOESN’T like a good tobacco scented candle. give it a shot!

DECANTER: also a great gift paired with a good bottle of whiskey! i love the antlers on this one. is he more of a wine guy? check out this wine decanter! — not a drinker? use a decanter for cold brew coffee!

BEER BOOK: okay, i love this book. i know my guy is a big craft beer fan and loves travel. this is perfect! we always enjoy checking out new places wherever we are! it also dubs as a great coffee table book & conversation starter!

MONOGRAM SLIPPERS: these bad boys are warm, cozy AND $30! get them monogrammed or don’t. i know these would make a great christmas day or christmas eve gift.

DUFFLE: a nice duffle/weekender type bag is a perfect gift..especially if they don’t have a nice bag for travel. i love that it’s canvas but has the masculine, sturdy leather straps. these come in plenty of sizes and colors (camo too!) too!

SLIDES: y’all. these slides are so freakin comfy i got them for myself. #notashamed #ihavebigfeet the cloudfoam is HEAVENLY. perfect for around the house, home from the gym, etc! OH! and they are $35. i digress.

DOPP KIT: can you tell i love gifting leather? i’ve found that men LOVE a good leather item. it makes even a girly toiletry bag seem cool. lol make it practical and it’s twice as DOPP(E). 😉


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