today’s look..your highlight reel.

happy happy friday, lovebugs! this week went by so quickly. like i’m pretty sure yesterday was monday, was it not?
some of you are probably thinking the exact opposite as is friday couldn’t get here soon enough.
well regardless, the weekend is here, so take this time to participate in a little R&R. i know i will!
today concludes my third week of my internship. it’s almost been a whole month! time is seriously flying! i have learned so much already in the short time i’ve been working with kait, and a lot of our work is making me realize how not-so-glamorous the life of a blogger/entrepreneur/#girlboss can be.

the truth is, you see all these fabulous bloggers and influencers only through social media. every instagram, facebook, and blog post is carefully curated to fit a theme that they have created that best represents themselves. every photo specifically chosen and perfectly edited so that they show off the best side they have to offer. and i’m not saying i’m not one of them. you don’t want to know how many photos i take in every shoot only to narrow them down to maybe 10 “good” ones.
now i wouldn’t say all of that if it didn’t have some sort of effect on you.
as sinful human beings we often find ourselves comparing those other “perfect”/”i-want-to-be-you” people to ourselves, and we usually end up disappointed.
i always think about a quote from pastor craig groeschel when i start to see someone else’s life as “oh so perfect” compared to mine (especially now that i find myself comparing my life/blog to that of other larger bloggers).
he said, “stop comparing your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.”
this is so true. no matter what you may see on social media, you have to know that that isn’t their entire life. we all have our flaws and our downfalls.
if you find that this is something that you struggle with, i want to encourage you to watch the #struggles 5 part series from it truly changes the way you think about social media in your own life.
ps: can we just take a moment to notice i’m in heels?! hello!!
photos by Kait of Madly Mignon
/ dress: forever21 (similar) / shoes: steve madden (less expensive dupe!) /
/ earrings: sugar fix / choker: forever21 / sunnies: madewell /

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