today’s & fortune cookie wisdom.

i think i’ve only ever been inspired by fortune cookie once in my life, and that day was yesterday. i’m not even kidding, y’all, listen to this.

“seek to identify in yourself what you love in others.”

i wish i had some deep revelation after reading this to share with y’all, but i don’t. thinking on it now, i’ve come to realize that this is an ongoing thought process in our lives.

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today’s look..pretty in pleats.

happy weekend, loves! i only have a few weeks left here in sunny los angeles, which is very bittersweet, so i’m trying to get everything checked off my “los angeles: bites & sights” list.

lucky for me, my family made a trip out to see me this week (and yes, i cried when i hugged my momma for the first time in 2 months..don’t hate.) and we are seeing ALLLL the sights and eating ALLLL the food, because who doesn’t like to be tourist in their own city?!

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frills + thrills: JUNE

happy monday, yall!
i know we usually gripe about mondays. i mean, there’s about 5,000 different sassy sayings to back us up. but recently i’ve been taking a different mental approach to monday. why not choose to look at monday as a fresh start, a new battle to conquer or a new goal to crush, perhaps?
it’s funny, just the other day as i was driving to a coffee shop in downtown santa monica to get some work done, i passed a mural of abraham lincoln & his quote,
“most folks are as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
so this monday i challenge you to make your mind up to be POSITIVE. go put on your big girl panties, get yourself a strong cup of coffee & HUSTLE.
since we’re having a positive outlook on monday, i thought i’d share a little round up five frills & thrills i’ve been loving for the month of june. it’s been awhile since i’ve done a “frills & thrills” post, so if you’re new here i’ll clue you in! from now on at the end of every month (fingers crossed) i’ll be sharing five little frills or thrills (like things/places/activities/etc.) that have brought me joy in some way during that month. whether it be a new garment, a favorite coffee shop, website, or maybe some new dish i tried at a local restaurant.
( and yes, i know it’s 10 days into july…next month i’ll try to be a little bit more punctual. )
sooooooo let’s jump on in!

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