seeing STARS.

well y’all, senioritis is REAL. the semester is on the downhill slide and i feel like my brain is already begging me to turn it off. what’s really sad is that i’m only in 12 hours…on tuesday/thursdays. I NEED SOME MOTIVATION. i was figuring out my class schedule for my next (& final!) semester, and realized i have one class left. WHAT?! y’all this gal is not ready for the real world.

the job searching has already begun and the frustration has set in, so y’all just say a lil prayer for me. i need christmas break to get here like NOW, but for now i’ll just set my sights on going home this weekend! i haven’t been home all semester and bud is coming with me!! WE (mostly me) ARE SO EXCITED!

anyway, i’m obsessed with this look today, babes. i’ve been seeing this sweater on lots of my favorite bloggers, and i totally understand why! it’s so soft, on trend, comes in three colors perfect for fall & is under $40. now let’s talk about this skirt. it’s covered in little stars!! OMG. i’m obsessed…especially because it’s madewell, and y’all know how i am about madewell. this star speckled beaut is fitted enough to pair it with these big bell sleeves without looking frumpy or anything like that. don’t ya just love when you don’t look frumpy? lol. belt it and pair it with some OTK boots to finish it off and you’ve got a grade A fall date night/girls night/i-just-wanna-look-good look!

okay, babes, you have the whole week ahead of you, so go kill it. i’ll be over here trying to keep my life together. if you have time while you’re out there killin’ it and wanted to give me any job searching tips you may have, i’d greatly appreciate it. love y’all!

top: Nordstrom / skirt: Madewell / boots: Public Desire / belt: Vince Camuto (similar) / sunnies: Madewell / earrings: Vanessa Mooney / ring: James Avery

2 thoughts on “seeing STARS.

  1. Dang girl! Check out that tiny waist ๐Ÿ˜‰ You look amazing! Have fun this weekend intro-ing the fam! ๐Ÿ˜€

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