spring break haul!

i keep telling myself, “two more weeks. two more weeks.”
you can probably guess what’s in two weeks.
where am i going for spring break you ask? i’m going on a cruise y’all!!
(more details in the video)
while it is warming up a bit here in oklahoma, it definitely hasn’t been consistently warm enough for it to feel like spring yet. so i’m crazy excited to get to our destination and soak up the sun, because my legs are a whole new shade of pastey. lol
forever21 sunnies (i couldn’t find the direct link)

in my haul, i mentioned two fun reads, to all the boys I’ve loved before and Kill The Boy Band. i’m so glad seventeen sent me these, because i needed something that wasn’t a marketing book or management powerpoint to dive into over the break. i mean who wouldn’t want a little escape on vacation?
i love cute, little books like these to read while waiting in the airport, on the plane or while laying out.
are you doing something fun for spring break? staying home? netflixing your life away?
xoxo, emily

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