flex friday: how to conquer GYM-TIMIDATION.

happy friday, lovebugs!
i hope you had a great week and are ready for the weekend..i know i was!
i’m actually up at the lake with my family in oklahoma soaking up some sun and working on my knee boarding skills, but you know me, i can’t stay away from the gym for long (especially since i was away at camp all last week). i found a local gym and bought a weekend pass so that i can still go get my training in this weekend.
i know, i know, i’m obsessed.
i was talking with a girlfriend the other day about how i switched to a bigger gym, and she told me that the idea of training in a large gym kind of intimidated her and that is why she doesn’t go as often as she would like to.
whether it be because of intimidation or they’re unsure of what to do, i know so many other girls feel the same way. and don’t worry, i was there once too, and still feel a little self-conscience sometimes.
so today, i thought i’d talk about a few different things you can do to help totally beat that “gym-phobia” you may have.
because in order to get muscle gainz you have to have those confidence gainz first!!

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here’s a quick rundown of my four way to beat your gym-timidation!

1. dress for success
wear something you feel confident in. look good, feel good has never been so true.
if you’re feelin’ yourself, you’ll feel your workout too. 😉
2. have a plan
know what you’re going to do before you get in the gym. being mentally prepared will help you out tremendously.
if you’re unsure of what to do, find a training plan on the internet, hire a coach, or meet with a personal trainer at your gym. plus, if you pay someone i bet you’ll be a little more motivated to go.
3. zone out & focus
put your headphones in, girl, and get after it. tune everyone out (no one’s looking at you anyways, promise. ;)) and focus on what you came to the gym to do.
every rep of every set is one step closer to your goal of being a better you. let’s get it.
4. stay positive
i feel like this one’s pretty self explanatory. do ever get anything done well with a negative attitude toward it? no ma’am, and if you do it’s probably way more difficult than it should be.
keep a positive mindset, girly, because the mental game is half the battle.

do have other tips for gaining confidence in the gym? share them below!

spring break necessities + LINK LOVE

we’re a week away, ya’ll!! 4 days to be exact!!
(unless you’re on spring break this week, which in that case i’m jealous.)
as you all know i’m cruising to the bahamas with some of my best friends for the week! last week i shared my pre-spring break haul, but this week as i’m getting mentally prepared (or trying to) for this trip, i thought i’d share some absolute necessities.
these will work for any beachy/tropical trip and are things i will be extra sure not to forget!
spring break necessities
spring break necessities by loveemmarie ]

obviously, if you’re hitting up the beach you’ll want a swimsuit! but don’t just get any suit. get a suit that you feel like a “total smoke show” in (as katey mcfarlan would say), and it’s true. the more confident you feel, the more fun you’ll have!
confidence is sexy, ladies!!

let’s get some of the other obvious things out of the way.
beach hats: duh.
sunglasses: duh.
easy sandals: duh.

while it’s obvious, it’s often something that us girls especially tend to forget. SUNSCREEN.
please please pleaseeeee don’t forget to apply sunscreen! save your skin, pretties!

along with sunscreen goes lip balm. i love burt’s bees. i’m also going to bring a fun lip color for prancing around and looking cute…priorities. 😉

and of course my go pro to document the WHOLE TRIP!!!
that means be prepared for a vlog! yay!

to finish up this spring break post i’ve got some other related posts from my girls over in the InfluenceHER Collective, because if i gave you all of this advice this post would be a novel.

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10 amazing tips for preparing for spring break. thanks, erica!
(also features the CUTEST weekender ever.)

xoxo, emily


it’s here y’all. the dreaded finals week. luckily for you fine ladies (and gents) i’ve got some tip to share that will guarantee you a less stressful, if not totally stress free, finals week!
i know i freaked out over my first finals week, so i’m hoping to save you from at least one mental breakdown this semester.
sorry to be harsh, but let’s just get this cold, hard truth out of the way first. if you haven’t started studying by now, START. but just know cramming the day of or night before is not going to help and neither is pulling an all-nighter.
but to prepare for this upcoming week, take a quick second to pull out your trusty agenda (i’d honestly die without mine) and write out your entire schedule for the week. and i mean everything! test times, designated study times, times to go workout, times to take a break, anything! also, make a finals week to-do list. this can include things like make flash cards, buy scantrons, get pencils, organize notes, etc, etc.
being organized will make you feel at least 80% more prepared. i swear.
– ZZZZZ’s –
the oldest play in the book. probably the most commonly given advice but not the most commonly taken, SLEEP. you think i’m kidding? try doing something mentally challenging on less than 5 hours of sleep…i don’t care who you are you won’t do well. it’s been proved in several studies (that i can’t name) that 8-10 hours of sleep improves your academic performance.
so hit the hay a little bit earlier or take a quick power nap during study breaks, just make sure you get an adequate number of z’s this week!
find a good spot in the library or somewhere on campus, sit your booty down, and get crackin. put your headphones in if music helps you, or sometimes i use my earbuds as earplugs to help block out extra noise.
that’s right. take a tip from tom haveford (cue parks & rec reference) and treat yourself. i’m not going to give you a certain amount you should study before taking a break because it’s different for everyone. listen to your body. you’ll know when you need a break…and i mean a real break (not a “okay i did 10 flash cards” or “i ‘studied’ for 30 minutes” break)
when you’re ready for a break, go get some coffee, eat a meal, watch ONE episode of a show on netflix, or even go for a quick stroll around campus to unwind for a bit.
have any finals prep tips you’d like to share?
let’s start a conversation in the comments!
xoxo, emily
ps: happy finals week