flex friday: back on the grind.

i’m back on prep and i couldn’t be more excited about it.
i know. i’m weird.
i just enjoy the structure it provides my life.
…..and getting shredded is always something to look forward to.

i wanted to do a quick (this video actually is quick this time lol) update on how my prep for the osu cowboy classic is going so far. i’m only almost two weeks in, but it’s been great so far!!

[EDIT: wow. i really need a spray tan. your girl is pasty. let me go get that taken care of.]

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xoxo, emily

flex friday: ROCK REP FIT

fitfam, what is happenin?!
i hope you all had a great thanksgiving day with family or friends and got to stuff yourself full of super yummy foods (i know i did), BUT it’s time to get back on the grind.

i’m so so SO excited to share this flex friday video with y’all because we have an amazing guest today!
chris prosser, the founder of rock rep fitness, my coach and my sponsor, joined me to talk more in depth about my contest prep and to fully explain what rock rep truly is!
his passion for this company is so insane and his motives are so pure, i can’t help but promote it! especially because i know first hand how well his programs work.
and that, my friends, is when you know you have a good product.

just a little blurb from rock rep:

“Rock Rep Fitness is a website devoted to online coaching including completely customized from scratch workout and nutrition programs. Whether your goal is to trim down some body fat, to gain muscle, or even to just become overall healthier and to reap all of the benefits that physical fitness has to offer, Rock Rep has you covered! With a coach on stand-by 24/7 to field your questions and help you along your fitness journey with motivation and guidance, Rock Rep will supply you will all of the tools that are needed to succeed!”

SEE?! i told y’all he was awesome.

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– get in touch with chris –

xoxo, emily

flex friday: killeen calvary classic + 2 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS!

what. a. weekend. wow.
this flex friday monday, i’m giving you a quick recap of my show from last weekend, the killeen calvary classic, as well as sharing TWO HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that you won’t want to miss!

and real quick, let me just give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone of you that continually supported me through my prep and competition. your thoughts, prayers, and support mean so so much to me! i’ve been truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life!


 so unbelievably blessed to have these two in my life. 

connect with them through: facebook / twitter / instagram
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this is such an amazing opportunity, yall!

“As a college student myself, I understand that not everyone has the resources to pay for some of the more advanced programs that are offered on this site, so I have decided to add an alternative!
With this monthly workout program, you will receive all of the detail and attention that I place into all of my customized workout programs, at a fraction of the cost. Resources (or lack there of) should never be an excuse to not getting started on a healthy lifestyle, so I am here to help!
With this great deal, you can receive up to 24 completely unique workouts designed to fit your needs, goals, and most importantly your schedule and resources for only $50.00 a month!
In order to purchase this program, you must be enrolled with a 4 year university or junior college and must provide proof of enrollment. If you purchase this program, however, and cannot provide proof of enrollment in some way, shape, or form, no refund will be given and you will not receive a program (aka if you aren’t actually a college kid, don’t buy this program)
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xoxo, emily