move in day + my new house!

move in day finally came!
i felt like august was never going to get here, but summer surprisingly flew by! time flies when you’re having fun, right?
i was planning on vlogging way more on actually moving in and decorating and all that fun stuff, but let’s get real, moving is STRESSFUL.
not only stressful, but tiring and frustrating all at the same time. nevertheless, after a day and half i got everything situated and put in place and my room turned out PERFECT. like seriously so perfect…you’ll see my excitement in the vlog.
i feel like joanna gaines would be so proud. #FixerUpperStillwaterEdition
feel free to watch the vlog below or keep on scrolling to see pics from my finished room!

/ desk lamp: target (available in stores) / white bedding: target / dresser: ikea / 
/ lamp shade: ikea / file cabinet: ikea /

back to school with bed, bath + beyond.

the back-to-school season is right around the corner y’all, and honestly for the first time i’m actually ready! (i think that’s what college does to you.)
as far as knowing what to pack for college, i got you covered here.
last year i debunked the typical “college packing list” to show you what do NEED and you really don’t.
customizing your dorm, apartment, or room is key to make it feel like home. i swear making your space all homey and cozy is like the antidote for homesickness. see tours of my freshman and sophomore dorm spaces!
want to know the basics every girl needs in their backpack? i listed the essentials here!
but the real question is, where do you get all the stuff you need?
well, you could waste your time going from store to store and spend outrageous amounts of money, orrrr you could just go to bed, bath & beyond.

if you’ve ever been to a bed, bath & beyond you know exactly what i’m talking about, and if you haven’t, then let me quickly explain to you.

bed, bath & beyond is the best “one-stop-shop” for any bedding, decor, storage, laundry, bathroom, or organizational things you’d need.
between all the various decor and things i have from my two different rooms, there isn’t too much that i need for my room this year (did i tell y’all i have a house?!). however, i did pick up a couple of things when i dropped in the other day.
1. i’ve seen these fairy lights everywhere recently, so of course i picked some up! i love these because they are lightweight, thin and delicate. i’m planning on draping them over my headboard, but you could easily hang them on the wall with command strips or even sticky tack.
2. i picked up more black velvet hangers because i’m on a mission to replace every plastic one in my closet. my type a / ocd personality needs all my hangers to match. lol
these hangers are honestly my pick because of how thin they are and because they hold any fabric. no more tank tops falling off slippery hangers! YES!
3. i love candles, but unfortunately they’re a huuuggee no no in dorms. these yankee candle fragrance spheres are perfect! even though i can burn candles in my room, flameless options like this are great for when i’m not around but still want my space to smell fab.
pink sands is the scent that i purchased (or should i say repurchased?). it is easily my all time favorite scent from yankee candle.
4. these wall decal calendars were the last items i picked up from the “shop for college” section. these are actually for my younger sister, and i’m so jealous that i won’t have room on my walls to get my own. the pack came with a monthly and weekly calendar, as well as one for notes, and tons of stickers! i swear i’m 20 not 5…
i’ve still got a few other organizational items to pick up, so you can bet i’ll be heading back soon! before i go, i want to give a huge thank you to my girls over at InfluenceHer Collective for setting up this collab with Bed, Bath & Beyond. y’all are amazing!
[ ftc disclaimer: this is a sponsored post and i did receive these items courtesy of bed, bath & beyond. all opinions are always my own. ]

day trip photo diary: crystal bridges.

i can’t believe i’m just now sharing these beautiful photos with y’all.
 a few weeks ago i went with one of my professors and a few DHM babes on a fun, quick field trip (okay, technically it was for professional development, but that doesn’t sound as fun.) to bentonville, arkansas. we had a couple other company meetings on our agenda, but i wanted to share my favorite part of the day with you!
between meetings we went to the crystal bridges museum of american art for a little brunch and a little culture.
if you live in the area, or are looking for a good place to take a roadtrip to this would be a fantastic getaway. i wish we would have had more time to look at all of the different art galleries and art trails that wind through the hills around the museum.
in the museum, you’ll find cafe Eleven and a lovely coffee bar right inside the main doors. cafe Eleven is open for brunch, lunch and dinner and they take reservations if you want to be fancy. (SCORE!) since i was on prep i opted for the grilled salmon salad with a lemon vinaigrette..great choice!
and you can’t take a group of college girls anywhere without hitting up the coffee bar. besides the normal espresso cappuccino, macchiato, and lattes they had a few specialty drinks, like a milky way latte and a honey lavender latte.
i went for the honey lavender latte…you should go for the honey lavender latte!
(i had it made with almond milk.)
besides the food and coffee, the art was great, and i mean these pictures of the landscape just don’t do it justice. it’s one of those “you had to be there” things.
couldn’t help myself on this one…sometimes i just don’t understand art. lol

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^^ shop my look ^^
(pst! my ray-bans are on sale at the link!)
have any favorite spots to roadtrip to?
share them in the comments!!
xoxo, emily

spring break photo diary: caribbean cruise.

honey, i’m hooommmmeeee!
just kidding there was no one waiting on me back home in stilly, but that’s why i have you guys right? 😉

i don’t know how i’m going to contain myself as i write this post, because this past week was so full of fun!! i guess i’ll just give you a quick, day-by-day run down of the week.

oh! and don’t miss out on the little spring break trailer i guess you could call it down below. 
because sometimes pictures just aren’t enough. 🙂


– two of my girlfriends and i flew out to miami to meet up with our roadtripping friends at the port


– got off the boat super early in nassau!
– explored downtown nassau, the straw market, and junkanoo beach
( if you’re going to nassau, you should skip junkanoo and pay the $4 taxi/ferry ride over to paradise island.)
– road over to paradise island (home of the atlantis resort!) and beach bummed on cabbage beach.
– after dinner that night, we headed back to senor frogs to dance our little booties off! SO FUN.


– tendered off coco cay; aka royal caribbean’s PRIVATE island in the bahamas! what, what?!
– beached alllllllllll day


– key west, florida!
this is such a quaint little town, and i love it! make sure you grab a slice of key lime pie while you’re there and head on down the the most southern point of the continental u.s! so cool!
( don’t like key lime pie? stop by GLAZED. this gourmet donut & coffee shop has THE BEST key lime pie dessert in the country! )


– said goodbye to our home for the week 🙁
– spent a little bit of time at hollywood beach in ft. lauderdale before catching our flight.

i’m dying to know what y’all did for spring break!
let me know in the comments!
xoxo, emily