move in day + my new house!

move in day finally came!
i felt like august was never going to get here, but summer surprisingly flew by! time flies when you’re having fun, right?
i was planning on vlogging way more on actually moving in and decorating and all that fun stuff, but let’s get real, moving is STRESSFUL.
not only stressful, but tiring and frustrating all at the same time. nevertheless, after a day and half i got everything situated and put in place and my room turned out PERFECT. like seriously so perfect…you’ll see my excitement in the vlog.
i feel like joanna gaines would be so proud. #FixerUpperStillwaterEdition
feel free to watch the vlog below or keep on scrolling to see pics from my finished room!

/ desk lamp: target (available in stores) / white bedding: target / dresser: ikea / 
/ lamp shade: ikea / file cabinet: ikea /

welcome to my crib.

it’s finally finished!!
now that i’ve completely settled into my bachelorette pad, aka dorm room, i felt it was appropriate to show it off. i’ll always find little things to tweak, new art to hang up on the wall, or (heaven forbid) another pillow to throw on my bed, but for now it’s my perfect little space.

i had SO MUCH FUN making this video. can you tell? i was (way too) full of caffeine.

ps: beware of a picture overload. đŸ™‚

i’ll try to link as much decor as i can for y’all, but just know a lot of it is from last year or diy-ed.
/ gray bedding: tj maxx / body pillow: target / white pillows: etsy /
/leopard pillow: target / designer prints: link (custom printed) /
/ jewelry catch-alls: diy /
xoxo, emily

welcome (goodbye) to my dorm room!

first off, let me thank y’all for letting me take a quick break from posting during finals week. it was definitely good not having to worry so i could get some quality studying in (seven hours in the union basement…i went crazy), which led me to passing every exam! hooray!!
i decided to do a little dorm tour before i began packing up and things got chaotic as sort of a final goodbye to HS 312A. 
i’ve shown y’all my desk space before, but never my room as a whole. so voila, here it is!
i listed the major decor pieces and where i got them down below, but if you have any specific questions feel free to comment or email me!
(i filmed with a gopro so excuse the fish-eye effect.)
{ beginning of move-in day… }
{ move-in day. unfinished. }
/ quilt/throw/coral shams: TJ Maxx / 
/ body pillow/chevron pillow/sheet set/lamp shade: Target / butterfly pillow: IKEA / 
xoxo, emily