frills + thrills: JUNE

happy monday, yall!
i know we usually gripe about mondays. i mean, there’s about 5,000 different sassy sayings to back us up. but recently i’ve been taking a different mental approach to monday. why not choose to look at monday as a fresh start, a new battle to conquer or a new goal to crush, perhaps?
it’s funny, just the other day as i was driving to a coffee shop in downtown santa monica to get some work done, i passed a mural of abraham lincoln & his quote,
“most folks are as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
so this monday i challenge you to make your mind up to be POSITIVE. go put on your big girl panties, get yourself a strong cup of coffee & HUSTLE.
since we’re having a positive outlook on monday, i thought i’d share a little round up five frills & thrills i’ve been loving for the month of june. it’s been awhile since i’ve done a “frills & thrills” post, so if you’re new here i’ll clue you in! from now on at the end of every month (fingers crossed) i’ll be sharing five little frills or thrills (like things/places/activities/etc.) that have brought me joy in some way during that month. whether it be a new garment, a favorite coffee shop, website, or maybe some new dish i tried at a local restaurant.
( and yes, i know it’s 10 days into july…next month i’ll try to be a little bit more punctual. )
sooooooo let’s jump on in!

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my favorite perfumes.

if you haven’t noticed by now, i love sharing favorites.
i swear it’s the nosey part of me coming out. i always want to know what products people are using, because well, if they are good enough i want to use them too!
today i wanted to share a few of my favorite perfumes, and not just to tell you what brand and underlying notes it has but to categorize them in a more useful way by season or situation.
because if i told you i love dolce & gabbana light blue for its notes of sicilian cedar and apple, you’d say “oh, okay” and keep going. but if i told you it’s my favorite scent for summertime, that might be a little more helpful..ya feel?

for every day: Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede
out of all twenty-six fragrances that jo malone offers, this has got to be my number one. i mean, it’s reached holy grail status, y’all. jo malone describes it as “flirtacious” with notes of juicy red apple, jasmine and rose, which i’ve noticed are common in a lot of my favorite scents. i’m a creature of habit i guess.

for spring time: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
imagine it’s the most perfect spring day. like april 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold…all you need is a light jacket. 😉 this is the scent for that day. it’s the perfect combination of fruity and floral with notes of sicilian cedar, apple, white rose, and solid base notes of amber and citron wood.

for date night: Marc Jacobs Decadence
i feel like this is a fragrance you’ll either love or hate…but i hope you’ll love. it’s definitely a deeper, woodier scent perfect for a date night with your man. it has top notes of italian plum, iris and saffron, and after it settles into your skin the base notes of amber and papyrus woods really come out.
decadence is one of my favorite perfumes, so i use it sparingly. but maybe i’m biased because it was my first purchase from bergdorf’s. 😉

for summer: Elizabeth + James Nirvana White
i had such a hard time deciding whether to buy the nirvana white or black. they are both amazing! props to you mary kate & ashley.
surprise, surprise it’s another floral scent. peony, muguet and musk are the key notes in this scent, which make it perfect for sweet summer days.
*que the windows down, hair blowing around and sun in my face.*

now i’m off for a fun weekend trip to fort worth, texas!
posts on the weekend to come, no worries. 😉



updated: holy grail products.

hello, lovebugs!!
it’s been a while, i know, but i’m back and excited for what’s to come this year.
i wanted to kick off 2017 with an updated list of my holy grail products. i still love some of the products from last years holy grail post, but over this past year i’ve found some new products that have earned their way onto this list and maybe even bumped some off.
let’s get to it, shall we?
i’ve repurchased some of these products more than 5 times this year. i mean when you find your favorite brow pencil, eyeliner, and dry shampoo you don’t tend to stray. it makes my target runs a little more manageable. let’s get real, that’s a problem we all need to solve. 😉
– nyx brow pencil
– e.l.f contour brush
– kylie cosmetics “ginger” lip kit
(this color looks good on everyone. take my word for it!)
– urban decay “buck” eyeshadow
(my perfect natural crease color.)
– revlon eyeliner
(stays. stays and NEVER budges)
– lush american cream conditioner
(smells SO GOOD.)
– batiste dry shampoo
– paul mitchell tea tree shampoo
skin & body:
– jo malone peony & blush suede perfume
(all time fave!!)
– johnson’s baby bedtime lotion
have any holy grail favorites of your own that i need to know about?
share them with me!