frills + thrills: JUNE

happy monday, yall!
i know we usually gripe about mondays. i mean, there’s about 5,000 different sassy sayings to back us up. but recently i’ve been taking a different mental approach to monday. why not choose to look at monday as a fresh start, a new battle to conquer or a new goal to crush, perhaps?
it’s funny, just the other day as i was driving to a coffee shop in downtown santa monica to get some work done, i passed a mural of abraham lincoln & his quote,
“most folks are as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
so this monday i challenge you to make your mind up to be POSITIVE. go put on your big girl panties, get yourself a strong cup of coffee & HUSTLE.
since we’re having a positive outlook on monday, i thought i’d share a little round up five frills & thrills i’ve been loving for the month of june. it’s been awhile since i’ve done a “frills & thrills” post, so if you’re new here i’ll clue you in! from now on at the end of every month (fingers crossed) i’ll be sharing five little frills or thrills (like things/places/activities/etc.) that have brought me joy in some way during that month. whether it be a new garment, a favorite coffee shop, website, or maybe some new dish i tried at a local restaurant.
( and yes, i know it’s 10 days into july…next month i’ll try to be a little bit more punctual. )
sooooooo let’s jump on in!

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frills + thrills.

back in the day (and by that i guess i mean last year) i used to do a post every once in awhile called “five things” showcasing five-ish things that i had bought, found, stumbled up, or read that i deemed worthy to share with y’all. sound familiar? i got the idea from emily schuman’s “five things” posts and katey mcfarlan’s “friday frills” posts; of course giving credit where credit is due.
i don’t want to try to make these a weekly thing, but i would definitely like to do them more often! and to make these even better i would love for you lovebugs to share any of your good finds with me! like a link swap, so it’s a win win. 🙂
sound good?
so here’s my list of little frills and thrills that are worth checking out. 😉
i picked up this highlight powder from ulta the other day on a whim when i was getting another eyebrow pencil (nyx is bogo 50% off right now!). it swatched so beautifully i couldn’t help it, okay?! y’all know i’m obsessed with this liquid highlighter, so i’m hoping that this will be the perfect powder product to go on top. this new nyx one is a little bit more affordable, so i’ll let you know what i think about it soon!
i LOVE finding sites like this because it can be such a hard decision to figure out where to eat in the city. mostly because there are just so many places to choose from! i’ve been constantly updating a list in my phone called “nyc bites & sites” every time i hear of a new yummy place to try (i’ll be going again in october!) and now i have TEN more!
one more that’s not on the list that is a MUST: black tap. look them up on ig and drool away. you’re welcome.
3. circuit training
my coach (update on training, prep, coaching coming at you soon!) has me doing HIIT circuit cardio four days a week, and i’m loving it!! usually i do things like spin, sled pushes or battle rope slams in intervals, but these circuits are a big change up for me. i’m doing things like kettlebell swings, burpees (eww), box jumps and renegade rows. my circuits are different every day which keeps things new and interesting.
i’ll definitely be doing a flex friday on it asap!! HIIT is so much better than steady state…in more ways than one!
y’all seriously need to check out kayti. her work is so chic and beautiful! from canvas to palette wood, she does it all and it’s totally customizable.
i have the perfect spot for one of her pieces in my room, but i just have to decide which one i want…because i want all of them. ugh.
be sure to like made with love on facebook and follow her on insta!
5. back to school
in case any of you are in need of some back to school advice, i’ve linked a lot of my previous posts on a variety of BTS topics below!
speaking of back to school, nike is having a huge sale on their sale and lucky for you i have a coupon code!! use BTS20 for 20% off already discounted items. we’re about to be lookin’ gooooooood for flex friday. 😉
love y’all bunches my little lovebugs!! have a fantastic weekend!

five things i’ve been loving.

[ hint water ]
[ all-time favorite beauty tool. ]
[ is it lulu? psh, no. it’s tj maxx. ]
[ hoboken coffee roasters. ]
[ the prowler, my arch enemy. ]
i feel like my life has been in such a routine lately. you’re probably thinking, “but em, you were just saying that you were ready to get back into a routine?”
well lovebugs, i can only stay in a routine for so long, so i’ve been branching out a bit lately.
just to explain some of my five things a little bit and how it ties into this new mindset of mine…
beauty blender. it’s hands down the best applicator for foundation i’ve ever used.
i’ll leave it at that.
my good friend, taylor, told me about these cool new hint waters she found the other day, and let me tell you they are BOMB. we both agreed we went fans of overly flavored water or those carbonated, sparkling water drinks. these however are simply water with a small splash of fruit flavor. 0 sweetners. 0 calories.
coffee is nothing new in my life, but this coffee shop is. if you live (or ever find yourself) in the okc area, hoboken coffee roasters in downtown guthrie is worth the trip! tay and i stopped by on our way home from okc last weekend (if you’ve heard my crazy car story i think you would agree i deserved a skinny latte. but that’s another story for another post.) it’s the most hipster, chill, pinterest worthy coffee shop ever…oh, and the coffee is amazing! the best i’ve had in awhile.
to shine a new light on cardio during this prep (& to counteract that cup of coffee) i’ve been switching up my hiit cardio. as much as i love intervals on the spin bike, sled pushes, battle ropes, sprints, and intervals on the stairmaster are a bit more appealing. sled pushes are my new favorite and they work great with a partner! (so do battle ropes!!)
speaking of working out, i wish i could wear that tie-dye strappy sports bra everyday. it’s comfy and SO CUTE, and that’s what really matters right? #teamnoboobs
happy happy wednesday, lovebugs!
xoxo, emily