(i know, i know it’s not friday but i wanted to get this up before i jet off to europe!)

i wanted to share my thoughts on a new product i recently purchased because i’m so excited about it!
i’ve been thinking about switching up my preworkout supplement for a while but just wasn’t quite sure what to try out.
the supplement industry is a tricky business, and unless you totally understand the science behind the ingredients and dosages, it can be pretty confusing, too.

so when it comes to choosing new products, i tend to go by word of mouth, and this time it led me to   “Enter With Purpose” by Run Everything Labs.
i’ve followed DLB and rob bailey for a couple years now and love everything they are about. i know they put their heart and soul into every project they take on; their supplement line being no exception.
they use all of their own products daily which i see as a true testament to how well they work.
// product: EWP PREWORKOUT // flavor: GREEN APPLE //
what’s your current preworkout? 
questions about preworkout or supplements in general?
comment below or send me an email!

flex friday: OCB Cowboy Classic! + my show day bag

here it is! my show vlog! finally!
i apologize for how long it’s taken me to get this post up (or a post in general), but you’ll hear all about how hectic life has been in my next post.
but that’s beside the point.
two weekends ago i competed in the OCB Cowboy Classic in stillwater. this was such a cool show to do because the majority of competitors go to oklahoma state and train at our rec center.
go freakin’ pokes!
so i thought i’d film this little vlog for you all to show you more of what a show weekend is like, instead of during prep or peak week…because that gets old sometimes.
you’ll get to meet kalyn, a good friend and fellow bikini competitor, go with us to get our spray tans, see backstage at the show, and what’s in my show day bag!!

as you heard, i didn’t do as well as i wanted in this show at all. but that just means that there’s even more fuel on the fire to prep even harder next time…after a pretty long off season. lol

[ EDIT: i’ll be updating this post with more photos as i get them! ]

i love you all so much!
thank you for coming along with me on this journey and supporting me every step of the way. now that prep is over, i really want to start doing a wider variety of things for #flexfriday so if you have questions or ideas drop them to me in a comment!
i can’t wait to see where the rest of this year takes us!
xoxo, emily
[ for competition prep (or even custom diet/training programs) head on over to Rock Rep Fitness and chris will hook you up for sure! ]

flex friday: roll out my what?

gooooooood evening, lovebugs!
another week on the grind and into prep, which means another week closer to show day. i’m 29 days out and feeling good! my diet, even though i’m on low carbs, has been surprisingly fine and i’ve been kicking butt in the gym. YES.
or should i say the gym has been kicking my butt, because girl, i’m SORE.
chris changed up my training last week from a 5 day split (legs/back/chest/arms/shoulders) to a 3 day split (pull/push/legs).
[ if you want me to make a post explaining my training, or anything related to training, leave a comment! ]
but today let’s talk about being sore.
so many people workout, get sore, decide to take a few days off, workout again, get sore AGAIN, and the ruthless cycle continues.
c’mon..admit it. we’ve all done it at least once.
to combat the soreness and push through those workouts, stretching is key.
this has been something i’ve implemented into my workouts a lot more recently. (shout out to taybaby for getting me back on my stretching game!)
flexibility not only helps with your lifts, range of motion, etc., but also with posing!
there are several tools you can use to help with your stretching like bands, balls, machines, and my personal favorite, rollers.
last week, i wrote over on the rock rep fit blog all about fascia and rolling out!
fascia? what the heck is fascia? well lucky for you i gave the down low on rolling out.
[ check out “how do you roll?” ]
xoxo, emily

flex friday: fitness myths debunked!

the fitness industry is one of the most confusing and complex, but the basic concept is so simple.
want to lose weight? burn more calories than you consume.
want to gain weight? do the opposite.
yet somehow people cook up these crazy ideas about how things regarding exercise and diet work.
honestly, though we’ve all been there. everyone starts out knowing nothing and has to gradually gain knowledge to get where they are now.
now, i’m not saying i’m a pro or that i’m a certified personal trainer that knows everything, but i have soaked up quite a bit of info over the last two years.
luckily for me i have a coach that knows what he’s talking about and several other great friends that are much wiser than i am in the gym.
luckily for you i’m going to relay that information on over to you!!
i’ve picked out a few common fitness misconceptions to debunk because i hate knowing that people think these are true.
1. lifting heavy will bulk you up.
this is the one i hear the most from girls..especially when i say that i lift heavy.
let me ask you one thing? do i look bulky to you?
ladies, you don’t naturally produce enough testosterone to get huge. lifting more than those five pound weights is not only going to make you stronger but you’ll also burn more calories. so don’t be worried about getting “too big”, girlfriend. strong is the new sexy, and don’t you forget that.
2. “i just want to turn my fat into muscle!”
if you can do this, please share your super powers with the rest of us.
sadly, this is physiologically impossible. you can’t turn a fat cell into muscle tissue.
what you’re really wanting to do is to lose fat while gaining lean muscle. this can be done by utilizing a combo of lifting, cardio and a clean diet. i know it’s vague, but there’s no magic program for everyone. customization is key when it comes to training.
3. the “no carb” diet.
while this isn’t impossible, it is very dangerous. even the most shredded bodybuilders still eat carbs..which means YOU CAN EAT CARBS. carbohydrates are one of the three key macronutrients your body needs to function. carbs are what give you energy to perform daily tasks, to workout, to live! and trust me, after being on less than 70 grams of carbs a day during peak week, you don’t want to try this.
remember, the no carb/low carb diet is NOT a lifestyle. it’s okay to diet down for a few weeks, maybe even a month or two, but never longer than that. 
*please consult a dietician or certified professional to help you out with your diet plan!*
4. spot reducing / targeted fat loss.
i wish it worked like this. if it did crunches alone would give us six packs and side dips would take care of those pesky love handles. like i said at the very beginning, it’s all about the calories burned. you can’t tell your body where to weight. you just have to lose it and watch it (hopefully) evenly diminish.
5. chicken and rice is all i can eat.
this kills me. while i have to stick to a strict diet for my prep, you don’t!
if you learn how to track your macros (IIFYM) you can be so much more flexible with your diet. there are so many helpful videos about macro counting on youtube that is super easy to learn!
[here are some of the ones i have found helpful: RockRep Fitness, Michael Kory Fitness, & HunnyBuns]
there are sooooo many ideas and concepts about fitness that can be misconstrued, so if you have questions about anything, please let me know.
if i don’t personally know the answer, i know people that do!
now i’m off to go on a galentine’s date with my favorite gal pal.
happy weekend lovebugs!
xoxo, emily