flex friday: link love

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1. the new nike tech fleece line. i’m obsessed with it all, but this jacket especially.
2. i’m all about flavored water. whether it’s liquid flavor drops or naturally infusing doesn’t matter to me. i’m trying these recipes asap. pineapple & mint? rhubarb cinnamon apple? count me in.
3. because of this contest prep i am slowly (but surely) growing to like oatmeal. we’re still in that awkward “i think you’re cute but i’m not sure if you like me back” stage. but nevertheless, this overnight oatmeal looks DELISH. i can’t wait to try these after my prep is over!
4. three words. fresh. face. mask. i’m definitely no lush veteran..okay i’ll be honest, this was my first purchase and for sure won’t be my last. the cupcake fresh face mask from lush is perfection. i’m super picky about what skincare products i use and you know the whole “chocolate breaks you out” myth, so for me to even try this is saying something. let me tell you, IT’S AMAZING.
i might do a review on it. let me know.
i saved the best for last y’all…
5. arctic zero. aka LOW CAL, FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE, GMO FREE & KOSHER ICE CREAM. yeah, you read that right..ICE CREAM. i’ve heard it’s delicious, and even better my trainer told me i can eat it when i get a craving for sweets. i’m hoping to pick some up this weekend and i’m way too excited about it.
and now i leave you with some words of motivation aren’t mine but good to remember.
xoxo, emily

flex friday: what’s in my gym bag?

for those of you who know me personally, you know that fitness is a HUGE part of my life. and if you do know me personally you’re probably laughing because huge is an understatement.
i’ve wanted to do a fitness segment here on the blog for a while, but i have had a few set backs.
1) i wasn’t sure what to call it. titles like “motivation monday” and “fit friday” are a bit overused. 2) i’m not a certified trainer, nutritionist or dietitian so i don’t want to just be giving y’all my two-cents and it be inaccurate. that’s not cool, or helpful for that matter. and 3) i just could decide what to post about! 
but i’ve finally figured it out and can’t wait to get this (hopefully) weekly segment underway!
today i’ll be sharing the in’s and out’s of my gym bag. i know i’m always curious what people take to the gym with them, so hopefully y’all are too!

let me know of any topic suggestions you may have in a comment below!

what do you carry in your gym bag?

xoxo, emily