frills + thrills.

back in the day (and by that i guess i mean last year) i used to do a post every once in awhile called “five things” showcasing five-ish things that i had bought, found, stumbled up, or read that i deemed worthy to share with y’all. sound familiar? i got the idea from emily schuman’s “five things” posts and katey mcfarlan’s “friday frills” posts; of course giving credit where credit is due.
i don’t want to try to make these a weekly thing, but i would definitely like to do them more often! and to make these even better i would love for you lovebugs to share any of your good finds with me! like a link swap, so it’s a win win. πŸ™‚
sound good?
so here’s my list of little frills and thrills that are worth checking out. πŸ˜‰
i picked up this highlight powder from ulta the other day on a whim when i was getting another eyebrow pencil (nyx is bogo 50% off right now!). it swatched so beautifully i couldn’t help it, okay?! y’all know i’m obsessed with this liquid highlighter, so i’m hoping that this will be the perfect powder product to go on top. this new nyx one is a little bit more affordable, so i’ll let you know what i think about it soon!
i LOVE finding sites like this because it can be such a hard decision to figure out where to eat in the city. mostly because there are just so many places to choose from! i’ve been constantly updating a list in my phone called “nyc bites & sites” every time i hear of a new yummy place to try (i’ll be going again in october!) and now i have TEN more!
one more that’s not on the list that is a MUST: black tap. look them up on ig and drool away. you’re welcome.
3. circuit training
my coach (update on training, prep, coaching coming at you soon!) has me doing HIIT circuit cardio four days a week, and i’m loving it!! usually i do things like spin, sled pushes or battle rope slams in intervals, but these circuits are a big change up for me. i’m doing things like kettlebell swings, burpees (eww), box jumps and renegade rows. my circuits are different every day which keeps things new and interesting.
i’ll definitely be doing a flex friday on it asap!! HIIT is so much better than steady state…in more ways than one!
y’all seriously need to check out kayti. her work is so chic and beautiful! from canvas to palette wood, she does it all and it’s totally customizable.
i have the perfect spot for one of her pieces in my room, but i just have to decide which one i want…because i want all of them. ugh.
be sure to like made with love on facebook and follow her on insta!
5. back to school
in case any of you are in need of some back to school advice, i’ve linked a lot of my previous posts on a variety of BTS topics below!
speaking of back to school, nike is having a huge sale on their sale and lucky for you i have a coupon code!! use BTS20 for 20% off already discounted items. we’re about to be lookin’ gooooooood for flex friday. πŸ˜‰
love y’all bunches my little lovebugs!! have a fantastic weekend!

midweek link love.

it’s finals week and i’m so over it. wishing it was thursday already so i could be finished. but if it’s thursday, that means i’m moving out, which is bittersweet, so i’m a hot mess of mixed emotions.
as for today, i wanted to take a quick study break to share some fun links i’ve stumbled across recently.
1) pocket
this app is so convenient! i discovered pocket through one of my girls in the influenceher collective (but i can’t remember who for the life of me!) and it’s been very helpful. i can’t tell you how many times i end up on some random blog or site and then forget to bookmark it or accidentally close the tab. pocket let’s you save any link with literally a press of a button. how simple?!
2) let’s go to san fran?
i don’t know why but i’ve been obsessed with san francisco recently…actually, yes i do. it’s because of kelsey from blondes & bagels.
i found this post on pure wow about “25 things you must do when visiting san francisco,” and maybe it’s just the gorgeous pictures but i want to visit SO BAD.
someone go with take me! πŸ˜‰
3) local adventures
i love texas. i represent it proudly. more specifically, i love dallas, but i’ve never really explored all the different neighborhoods. this “16 things to do in dallas this spring” post is going to give me life this summer. thank you pure wow.
i’ve been day dreaming of my new place ever since we signed our lease. i love decorating, and to know that i’ll have my own bedroom that is bigger than the box i currently live in is a dream come true. i haven’t been able to decide on what vibe i want to go with for my room until i saw katey’s post on chronicles of frivolity about “soft glamorous decor!”
this is it y’all. this. is. it.
“with mocha frosting” i should add. have you ever heard of anything so perfect?
i can’t wait to bake these after saturday!
6) a little taste of prague
because of my upcoming study abroad trip to prague (23 days!) i’ve been doing a lot of research on fun things to do for our free day, and that includes FOOD!
my mom sent me to this blog that is solely dedicated to all things food in prague…she knows me so well. πŸ˜‰
finally, one of my favorite youtubers, alex from HRH collection, just launched her new site for her jewelry collection. it’s fab!
for my college girls, study hard and have a stress free and successful finals week!
for all my other girls, have a fab week!
xoxo, emily

flex friday: link love

{ via }
1. the new nike tech fleece line. i’m obsessed with it all, but this jacket especially.
2. i’m all about flavored water. whether it’s liquid flavor drops or naturally infusing doesn’t matter to me. i’m trying these recipes asap. pineapple & mint? rhubarb cinnamon apple? count me in.
3. because of this contest prep i am slowly (but surely) growing to like oatmeal. we’re still in that awkward “i think you’re cute but i’m not sure if you like me back” stage. but nevertheless, this overnight oatmeal looks DELISH. i can’t wait to try these after my prep is over!
4. three words. fresh. face. mask. i’m definitely no lush veteran..okay i’ll be honest, this was my first purchase and for sure won’t be my last. the cupcake fresh face mask from lush is perfection. i’m super picky about what skincare products i use and you know the whole “chocolate breaks you out” myth, so for me to even try this is saying something. let me tell you, IT’S AMAZING.
i might do a review on it. let me know.
i saved the best for last y’all…
5. arctic zero. aka LOW CAL, FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE, GMO FREE & KOSHER ICE CREAM. yeah, you read that right..ICE CREAM. i’ve heard it’s delicious, and even better my trainer told me i can eat it when i get a craving for sweets. i’m hoping to pick some up this weekend and i’m way too excited about it.
and now i leave you with some words of motivation aren’t mine but good to remember.
xoxo, emily