how to: that no-makeup makeup look.

No Makeup Makeup Look
how in the world is it already the weekend? i swear it does not feel like i’ve already been out here in LA for a month! everyone warned me it was going to fly by, but i didn’t think anything of it. i’m just trying to soak it all in a much as i can before it’s over.
with that being said, i have been trying to not take as long in the morning to get ready. why waste an hour and a half or more doing your hair & makeup when you can be out and about?! so i have been loving that no-makeup makeup look for days that i just want to get out the door. it’s fast (15 minutes or less fast!) and leaves you with a youthful, glowing look that i know we all want.
i mean who doesn’t want to look good “without” makeup?

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this just in: nyx haul!

so i’ve noticed that when i get bored i find myself at ulta. how dangerous is that?! thank goodness stillwater doesn’t have a sephora…that could do some serious damage.
i swear ulta has a target-like effect. you know, where you find yourself wandering around aimlessly looking at everything you don’t need when you only went in to grab some dry shampoo. guilty as charged.
in this little haul, i have a couple of repurchases that are tried and true (and probably on my holy grail list), a couple recommended products and a couple random things that were bought via the target effect.

i realized when i was putting this haul together that almost everything was NYX, so i thought that i could make this post even more specific and just tell you about some new NYX products i bought.

powder brush (02) – i was in the market for a new setting powder brush, and i’m usually not too picky. as long as it seems well made and it’s super soft, it’s fine with me. well let me tell ya, this is the softest brush EVER. i just wanna sit there and run i across my cheek all day, but that would be weird so i’ll try to refrain.

duo chromatic illuminating powder – this product was a total impulse purchase. my sister snapchatted me about these a few weeks ago, and i’m pretty sure i went to ulta the same day and bought one. this one has a pink duo chrome, which i love because it’s a little bit more natural. meanwhile, my 15 year old sister is a badass, wears the purple one and KILLS IT.

matte bronzer (deep tan) – pretty much just waiting for my lorac tantilizer bronzer to either run out completely or shatter in thousands of unusable little pieces so i can open this. i love a good matte bronzer, so i have high hopes for this bad boy.

micro brow pencil (taupe) – a forever repurchase. it’s made the holy grail product list and i it will never be replaced.
dear nyx, please don’t discontinue this product. xoxo, em

lip liner pencil (mauve) – another repurchase. my current one is down to a lil nub so i thought it was time to replace it. this is a great natural “your lips but better ” color. i used to wear this almost everyday and i’m not sure why i stopped. i’m definitely happy i “rediscovered ” this color!!

other items shown:
HD finishing powder
narcissistic illuminator

do you have any nyx products that you’d recommend? let me know!



current favorites: september 2016.

happy tuesday ladies and gents! this week has been so long already..i guess that’s what happens when you have something to look forward to. we have a home football game this weekend, next weekend i get to go home and do all sorts of fun stuff, and in two weeks from today i’ll be headed back to dallas to get on a plane to the big apple!!
this semester has already been so much fun and the list of potential adventure just keeps growing.
life is so good. god is so good.
i just wanted to update y’all on some of my favorites right now.
i swear i always think i do these posts more often than i do. i’m pretty sure the last one i did was like back in the beginning of the year!
so let’s jump right on in and i’ll chit chat a little bit about these things in order. 🙂
1. i bought these ‘carrie’ shorts from fabletics a few weeks ago and they are already a favorite. they’re light and comfy and BONUS they have a pocket on the back (which has actually come in so handy at the gym). plus, the two-tone speckled pattern is pretty sweet too.
2. a new starbucks drink…didn’t see that one coming did you? 😉
while i take credit for initiating the spread of this drink in my neck of the woods, the real creator is nikki blackketter, and i thank her SO MUCH.
what is it you ask? well let me tell you.
tell this to your barista: triple shot of ristretto, over ice, in a tall cup with two pumps of white mocha and a splash of milk
3. i know i shared this madewell look with y’all last week, but every since i got these sunnies i can’t stop wearing them. i’m not usually a fan of lenses you can see through but  i think the shape and frames is what i like so much about them. you can snag them here!!
4. IT’S FINALLY FREAKIN FALL. so to celebrate of course i went out and bought all the fall candles from bath & body works…okay not all, just my three favorites (flannel, leaves and mahogany teakwood). i’m not sure why but they were on sale for $12.50 a piece (which is a steal if you know anything about b&bw), and i just know i’m going to regret not buying three leaves candles instead. IT’S MY ALL TIME FAVORITE.
oh gosh, i swear i’m not a typical white girl.
5. last but not least, the favorite confirming that i am your typical white girl…the kylie cosmetics lip kit in ginger. it’s seriously one of the best colors she’s ever released. i know so many girls that have this color. they all have varying skin tones/hair color/eye color and it looks fab on all of them. it’s literally a universal shade.
so if you’ve never purchased one because of your indecisiveness (they’re all gorgeous i know), pick this one. i promise you won’t be disappointed.
well, that’s it lovebugs! five recent favorites that i’ve been using/wearing/drinking over and over again. try them if you haven’t!
i’m going back to watching LOST now…