bar cart inspiration.

just sharing my latest obsession with y’all today.
i don’t really know why all of a sudden i wanted to create my own bar cart, but i do. maybe it’s because i’m 21 now or because my roomie just graduated and took hers with her. but all i know is that there is a bid empty spot in my living room that is screaming to be filled with something pretty.
i’ve pulled some of my recent pins for inspiration, and made a little collage of wishlist items that i think i want to use to style my own bar cart.
however, please note that these items are pretty inspirational and i’ll probably end up buying cheaper options off amazon. LOL ya girl is still ballin’ on a budget here.
wishlist links:

vibes: effortless off-duty glam.

i’ve been really digging this vibe lately. what vibe is that exactly you ask? well, it’s like this: the “yes-i-woke-up-this-glam-because-i’m-a-model-off-duty-walking-down-5th-ave-in-my-designer-booties-and-fab-oversized-sunnies-carrying-my-givenchy-bag-and-i’ll-take-a-venti-americano” vibe.
but for short we’ll call it effortless off-duty glam.
like i just want to make my wardrobe completely basic colors, mostly black, white and gray, so that everything matches everything else. minimalism is such a big trend right now and i totally understand why. it’s because it’s so easy! i love when i can throw on a few pieces that make me look put together but took me no time at all. aka effortless glam.
243. Melting Snow
Style #9076
Style #9076 by vany-alvarado featuring a black trousers }

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xoxo, emily

spring freshness.

i’ve been on this HUUUGGEEE (yeah it’s that big) interior decorating kick recently. i just want to buy new everything and start over…i guess it’s a good thing i’m moving back to school in august.

i have really been drawn to interiors that are very clean and bright and fresh. lots of white and blush tones contrasted with black or brighter colors.

below, i pulled some inspiration so y’all can get a better look at how my creative juices flow.

find any pins you think i might like? send them to me!
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xoxo, emily