the skincare combo i’ve been RAVING about.

you know that feeling you get when you find a foundation that matches perfectly, or a pair of jeans that fit just right, or a bra that’s equally comfy & flattering? how you just wanna shout from the rooftops about how thrilled you are? well let me tell you that’s exactly what i’m doing in this post! today, the blog is my rooftop & i’m shouting about the BEST skincare combo!

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budget friendly bikinis: RomWe swimwear review

okay, sorry not sorry if you’re annoyed by all the beachy/vacation pics i’ve been posting recently. this was the first trip i’ve ever had to do blog work on (sis & i jokingly called it “a production”) and i loved getting to create such fun content for you. so just be prepared to see beautiful beachiness for the next month! 😛

i knew i wanted to get a few new bikinis for this trip, but didn’t want to break the bank. i’m also kinda over spending $35+ on trendy, mediocre quality suits that are only “IN” for that season. ya feel me? i usually hate buying a bunch of fast fashion pieces because i know how bad it affects the environment, but that’s a conversation for a different blog post.

so i decided to go out on a limb and grab a few suits from RomWe (ya know, one of those super cheap clothing sites where there’s like nothing over $25?). i’ve purchased from & worked with Romwe before so i knew that you had to be picky about what you bought in order to get something with decent quality. and let me tell you how PLEASANTLY SURPRISED I WAS.

i ordered 3 suits with pretty different styles, and was kinda shocked when (based on the given measurements) i ordered mediums in all of them. typically i would’ve gone for a large, because normally their stuff runs small. so SIZING GETS AN A+.

quality was also a big contributing factor to how pleased i was with these suits. the material felt nice on all of them and the construction (like seams and stitching) was pretty good, too! the only complaint i have is that the zipper top was a little itchy where the zipper was, but not enough to not want to wear it if that makes sense.

okay, overall thoughts on each suit:


$12 – comes in black, red & orange

my favorite of all three, but if you have a larger chest this top may not work for you. the top isn’t very long which is fine for the queen of the IBTC, but probably not for you busty babes. LOVE the straps on this suit. they are so thick and don’t stretch out! DOUBLE LOVE these bottoms. so freakin comfy, high waisted & full coverage.


$10 – comes in black & maroon

love this little sporty option. i’ll probably be sporting this one more to the lake rather than the pool or beach. i was very surprised that the zipper stayed UP the whole time i wore it. the bottoms that come with this, however, are prettttyyyyy cheeky so beware if that’s not your thing.


$12 – black & white polka dots

i ADORED this suit & got so many complements on it the day i wore it. the bottoms are SO high waisted, which i love, but are still cute and cheeky. 😉 i will say the top was a little big for me, but i wouldn’t worry about it if you have a chest bigger than mine. lol

shop this look:



(i know, i know it’s not friday but i wanted to get this up before i jet off to europe!)

i wanted to share my thoughts on a new product i recently purchased because i’m so excited about it!
i’ve been thinking about switching up my preworkout supplement for a while but just wasn’t quite sure what to try out.
the supplement industry is a tricky business, and unless you totally understand the science behind the ingredients and dosages, it can be pretty confusing, too.

so when it comes to choosing new products, i tend to go by word of mouth, and this time it led me to   “Enter With Purpose” by Run Everything Labs.
i’ve followed DLB and rob bailey for a couple years now and love everything they are about. i know they put their heart and soul into every project they take on; their supplement line being no exception.
they use all of their own products daily which i see as a true testament to how well they work.
// product: EWP PREWORKOUT // flavor: GREEN APPLE //
what’s your current preworkout? 
questions about preworkout or supplements in general?
comment below or send me an email!

flex friday: ICE CREAM ON PREP?!

whoop whoop! it’s that day again!
and what’s better than flex friday? ICE CREAM.
and what’s better than ice cream? ICE CREAM I CAN EAT ON PREP.
what is this magical, wondrous ice cream i’m talking about? arctic zero.

you might have heard about this company in the past, but they have recently rebranded and launched all new packaging! same great flavors with a fresh, new look!

but let’s remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. 😉
this low cal, fat free, lactose free, gmo free, gluten free, GUILT FREE dessert is perfect for getting in that sweet fix without the typical sweet fix results.

SHOUTOUT to my mom and dad for stopping on their way to stillwater to get me these! LOVE YOU!

for full nutrition information, head on over to the arctic zero product page.
so take a quick second, put down your blue bell (if you’re lucky enough to have some) and go try one of these!
if you try any other flavors, especially those bars!, let me know what you think!!
xoxo, emily

ps: if you think of a flex friday outro saying, HIT ME UP!