easy everyday skincare routine + the BEST eye masks.

ladies (& gents if you are reading, hello!), i’m pretty sure i have found THE BEST & THE SIMPLEST skincare routine, and it uses only FIVE products. can you tell i’m excited?
just to preface, i’ve never had super acne-prone skin. i do tend to get pesky breakouts around that time of the month (go hormones!!) but nothing too bad. my skin can get very dry very quickly (except my dang t-zone), so i always have to remember to moisturize like crazy. this goes for you too my oily skin babes. my trouble spot has always been my under eye area…bags, dark circles, dry skin you name it. i blame it on my night owl nature, aka me just staying up way too late bingeing on netflix.
alright let’s jump into this routine.
1. makeup remover & cleanser
i finally decided to give this micellar water trend a try, and boy am i glad i did! it removes makeup and cleanses your skin all in one. give the garnier skinactive micellar cleansing water a try.
2. wash / acne treatment
my doctor told me about the panoxyl wash when i told her about my breakouts. she swears by it and said that she recommends it to all her patients, so i decided to give it a try at the beginning of this year. typically, my skin will become immune, for lack of a better word, to whatever face wash i’m using, causing me to switch every month or so. but i’ve been using this product for six months now, and i don’t think i’ll ever go back.
3. moisturize
i almost always use two moisturizers at night. a more concentrated one for my under eyes & neck and another for my whole face. my basic go-to moisturizer is the neutrogena oil free lotion. i don’t personally like using a moisturizer with spf because they tend to be way more oily.
for my under eyes, i’m currently burning through a mini jar of l’occitane “immortelle” precious cream, but my drugstore fav that i stupidly left in stillwater is the olay active botanicals. it’s soooo moisturizing.
4. masks
alright, i saved the best for last. i started using the oxygen eye masks from VII Code only a couple weeks ago and i can already tell a difference. let me give you a little run down about this product. unlike most masks, this is an 8-hr overnight eye mask. i put them on after moisturizing right before i go to bed and fall asleep with them on no problem. they are designed to allow oxygen to flow through to your skin, which promotes healthy cell growth in that stubborn under eye area.
my absolute favorite part about these masks is the gel like material that sits on your skin. it is so cooling and refreshing! you know when you flip your pillow over to the cold side? it’s like that! lol
i use these bad boys 2-3 times a week, & i better get another box because i’m about out!
(VII Code suggests using three boxes for a full treatment.)
well there you have it! my secrets are out..but what fun are secrets anyways? sharing is caring, am i right, ladies?
before i sign off, a huge thanks to VII Code for sponsoring today’s post!
and because they are so great, they gave me a discount code to share with you all so you can save some moneyyy!
use code: N6SS936Z (valid through june 20)
try out the products from this routine and let me know what you think! it’s great because almost all of them are drugstore products (ya girl’s ballin on a budget over here), but they are still fantastic!
alright, it’s way past my bedtime…talk to you later, lovebugs!


night time skincare routine with Clarisonic.

it’s almost the weekend y’all. can you feel it?!
i’m usually pretty excited for the weekend, but for this weekend in particular, I’M STOKED. it’s OSU’s homecoming, and let me tell ya they don’t call it “America’s Greatest Homecoming” for no reason. it’s about to be one heck of a weekend.
however, if you are lucky enough to get to relax and take some time to pamper yourself this weekend, just know i’m (a teeny bit) jealous.
i love spoiling myself on nights in. take a nice bath (with a bath bomb of course), maybe a hair mask, my favorite face mask, use all the skincare products i save for special occasions. the works.
in an ideal world i’d be able to do this routine like twice a week, but i’m lucky to do it maybe once every two weeks! so instead, today i’m going to tell y’all about my nightly skincare routine.
i’ve been using the clarisonic mia for about a month now, and it’s crazy what a difference it makes!
let me just throw in a quick thank you to clarisonic and her campus for partnering with me to make this post happen. so cool.
make sure to go to www.clarisonic.com/hercampus to check out all the limited edition gift sets. if you’ve been thinking about getting a clarisonic, just bite the bullet and do it! you won’t regret it! especially if you order by october 31 and use code “HERCAMPUS” to get 15% off!!
here’s the link one more time in case i have persuaded you. 😉
okay, into the routine!
[ remove. ]
if i ever have any makeup on, and i mean even the slightest bit, i use a makeup wipe. i always think it’s better to start your skincare routine with a bare face. because if you didn’t you’d have to wash your face twice…once to get the makeup off and once to actually clean your skin. so just save yourself some time and wipe it all off! my favorite wipes have always been the neutrogena cloths.
[ cleanse. ]
i switch face wash all. the. time. but i have to. i find that my skin get’s used to a certain kind and it loses it’s effect. right now i’m using the deep pore daily cleanser that came with my clarisonic mia. usually, i’m skeptical of products from brands i’ve never tried, but i’ve noticed how well this cleanser helps with oil control! praise jesus!!
to cleanse with the brush, i put about a quarter size amount of cleanser onto the damp brush head and then let the brush do all the work. the mia uses a “t-timer” to help you effectively wash your face. it starts with your forehead (20 seconds), then moves to your nose & chin (20 seconds), and then finishes up with ten seconds on each cheek. and don’t worry, it beeps and pulses when it’s time to change areas. so so easy.
[ spot treat. ]
i’ll use my paula’s choice spot treatment after cleansing on any blemishes i may have.
read my review of it here!
[ mask. ]
once, sometimes twice, a week i’ll use the clarisonic detoxifying clay mask. i like this mask because it doesn’t make your face all still when it dries. don’t you hate that? masks always make me feel like i’m going to crack my face open if i move too much. ouch!
just let this mask sit for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with a warm washcloth or the clarisonic.
[ moisturize. ]
let me just say, i LOVE this moisturizer. i’m pretty sure i’ve talked about it before with y’all, but you’re going to hear about it again. this olay active botanicals overnight moisturize is magical, y’all. it’s lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re going to bed with a layer of goop on your face. i literally slather this stuff on my face…like probably more than i should, but i just love it so much.
however, i really only use this maybe every other day.
it’s that simple girlies (& guys).
i don’t like to be too extravagant otherwise i wouldn’t do the whole routine every evening.
somethings were meant to be kept easy.
okay, i’m off to go enjoy my weekend with my family, friends and fellow pokes!
happy homecoming!!
happy weekend to everyone else!

flex friday: link love

{ via }
1. the new nike tech fleece line. i’m obsessed with it all, but this jacket especially.
2. i’m all about flavored water. whether it’s liquid flavor drops or naturally infusing doesn’t matter to me. i’m trying these recipes asap. pineapple & mint? rhubarb cinnamon apple? count me in.
3. because of this contest prep i am slowly (but surely) growing to like oatmeal. we’re still in that awkward “i think you’re cute but i’m not sure if you like me back” stage. but nevertheless, this overnight oatmeal looks DELISH. i can’t wait to try these after my prep is over!
4. three words. fresh. face. mask. i’m definitely no lush veteran..okay i’ll be honest, this was my first purchase and for sure won’t be my last. the cupcake fresh face mask from lush is perfection. i’m super picky about what skincare products i use and you know the whole “chocolate breaks you out” myth, so for me to even try this is saying something. let me tell you, IT’S AMAZING.
i might do a review on it. let me know.
i saved the best for last y’all…
5. arctic zero. aka LOW CAL, FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE, GMO FREE & KOSHER ICE CREAM. yeah, you read that right..ICE CREAM. i’ve heard it’s delicious, and even better my trainer told me i can eat it when i get a craving for sweets. i’m hoping to pick some up this weekend and i’m way too excited about it.
and now i leave you with some words of motivation aren’t mine but good to remember.
xoxo, emily