today’s + blue.

anyone remember that one time that you had a paper to write but you had no idea how to start it, so you sat there and stared at the computer?
me. currently. trying to write this blog post.
i told bud i was having trouble coming up with a topic for today’s post, and he said to write about how awesome my boyfriend is. and i know he was just trying to be funny, but honestly he deserves some major credit.

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today’s look..birthday suit.

no no no, not that kind of birthday suit. LOLso my twenty-first birthday was just over a week ago, and let me tell ya it was hands down the best. birthday. ever.

here’s a few reasons why:
– my mom threw me a HUGE surprise party! i had no idea about any of it, and i’m still not over it! i felt so loved that so many of my closest friends and family members drove hours to be with me and help me celebrate. i’m unbelievably blessed, y’all. 🙂
– my best friend taylor came up from dallas for the weekend. (love you taybaby)
– taylor and her boyfriend, blake, threw me another little party before we went to “the weed” (stillwater’s fab honkytonk) for some dancing.
– i drank sangria out of a pineapple. HOW TROPICAL?!
– took my first “strip trip” to the bars, boyfriend, roomies and best friends in tow. 😛
– lastly, i got to wear a new outfit picked out specifically for my big day night.
i’m not usually one for bodysuits (they never fit me right), but i couldn’t resist this one. the black lace down the neckline contrasts so beautifully against velvet. well done topshop, well done. okay, i’m done overanalyzing like the fashion major i am, but c’mon it’s FAB.
top it off with a black leather jacket (which is still on sale btw!) and some suede over-the-knee boots and this look is complete. it’s one of those outfits that looks like you tried really hard but it only took you like two minutes to get dressed. #scoreps: gotta give credit where credit is due. shoutout to my girl jess over at living through the lord & a lens for these rad photos. you’ll be seeing her work a lot more here on the blog!



^^^ twenty-fun, amiright? ^^^


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today’s look…sweater + suede

can i just say THANK THE LORD that finals are over?!
sorry i was m.i.a there for a bit, but when duty calls i must answer.
also known as, studying in the library for countless hours and wearing nothing but sweats/leggings/t-shirts/no makeup…you get the jist.
don’t worry though, because i’m back and will be feverently working on some great content for the future during this break!
with that being said, if there is any specific type of post you enjoy or would love to see me take a crack at, let me know!
let’s take a quick second to appreciate how “fall” this post is, please.
*snaps for em*
honestly though, i’m in love with mixing up textures (almost as much as prints). from the knit sweater, to the suede skirt, gold jewelry and leather bag. we’ve basically got all the textiles going on.
pairing a skirt with a casual sweater like this is a great way to be casual, and warm, and pulled together all at the same time. be sure to tuck it in to keep that feminine shape and show off your natural waistline!
/ sweater: similar / skirt / necklace: similar / shoes: similar/similar / watch: similar /
/ bag: newer style /

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xoxo, emily