los angeles weekend trip.

as many of you may know, especially if you follow me on insta or snapchat (@emmarie96), i took a quick weekend trip to los angeles this past weekend!
my dad and i flew out from dallas bright and early friday morning on a 6am flight y’all…never again. this was such an amazing experience! not only because had i never been to LA before, but because i got to meet my future #GIRLBOSS and amazing host family.
so now to catch you up if you’re still behind…I’M INTERNING IN LA,Y’ALL!
i’ve been so blessed to have accepted an internship with fashion blog Madly Mignon and creative content company, KatiKat Creative. and even better, some amazing, loving family friends have opened their home to me for the summer! all my facebook friends would know how much my mom and i were freaking out about trying to find me a reasonable, safe place to stay, and we definitely did.
anyway, here’s a little photo diary of my weekend. LA is so photogenic, so be expecting lots of pictures throughout the summer!
lot’s of fun to come!

spring break ready.

i cannot believe spring break is almost here. well, technically it is here, for me at least. i had a marketing test yesterday afternoon and my class this morning got cancelled (PRAISE THE LORD) which mean spring break is here two days early!! WOO!
for spring break, my family has gone skiing for as long as i can remember; until i hit college. ever since then i kind of just go with the flow of my friends and do whatever the group wants to do. last year we went on a cruise to the bahamas, this year we are going skiing and i’m pretty sure next year we’re already planning yet another cruise.
i have such a hard time choosing which climate i’d really rather spend my week in. i LOVE to ski. i grew up doing it every year that it just comes naturally now (like riding a bike) and is relaxing. the beach on the other hand is just a week of laziness and sun with the cool ocean breeze blowing through your hair.
but i thought since i’ll be going skiing in colorado this year, that i would share a few spring break pieces that you would love if you’ll be beachin’ for a week.



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i’ve linked everything above (PLUS MORE!) in the shopstyle widget.
i love all of these pieces so much, but here’s a few little tidbits on a few of them.
1. those espadrille wedges. i swear they are all over instagram right now and it seems like every blogger has them, but come on! how cute are they?! and so comfy i bet. props to you marc fisher.
2. the white free people dress up in the corner comes in several different fun, bright colors perfect for a beach vacay. it could totally double as a beach cover up and a cute going out dress for dinner or drinks.
3. that bikini set? i DIED when i saw it on cara loren’s instagram. i’ve never seen a bikini that shade of red and i love it! it’s strappy and lacy and wired. perfection.
okay, i digress. i just really love spring break okay?!
but for real, if you are going on a trip for your break please please please be careful. so careful. make wise choices. be safe. all of those things your mom would tell you because it is so true. scary things happen all the time and if you’re not careful they could happen to you. i love you all so much and would hate to see or hear about any one of you getting hurt.
with that being said, HAVE FUN!!

fort worth weekend getaway!

it seems so weird going on vacation so close to home. it also seems weird that i’ve never really been to fort worth because it is so close to home. i love exploring my own state. it’s crazy all the things you can do and see in texas!
( that’s why we’re the best. 😉 )
so me and the boyfriend went down to ft. worth to meet up with some of his family and have a fun little getaway weekend.
we decided to take amtrak train from okc down to the stockyards (how fun does that sound) instead of driving, so i thought i’d take some cute pics because it’s not everyday that you’re on a train.sidenote: trains have awful lighting, so ya get whatcha get. lol

a little blurb on my amtrak experience:
taking the train is relatively cheap + a student discount! what what?!
it was great because neither one of us had to worry about driving or traffic or car troubles.
the boarding process is insanely easy, you get two checked bags + 2 carry ons, there’s a bar cart, oh and did i mention SO MUCH LEG ROOM?! all my tall gals will understand. 🙂

we were literally in ft. worth for about 30 hours, so the trip was short. we went out on saturday night in the stockyards and got to prance around sundance square for a few hours on sunday before our train left.
i’ve been collecting a list of must see ft. worth places from chronicles of frivolity. i was lowkey really hoping to run into katey that weekend….LOVE HER. there’s so much to do in ft. worth, so needless to say, i’ll be back for some more exploring soon.

ps: shout out to my amazing man for being my photographer for the weekend. you rock. 😛
(and you’re also being recruited for next time. love you!)

/ sweater: american eagle / leggings: adidas / tennies: stan smith adidas /
/ sunnies: rayban / bag: longchamp med. tote /