today’s’s to new adventures!

hello lovebugs all the way from sunny LA!
i have officially started my internship with the wonderful kait from Madly Mignon this week, and even though we are only two days in i can tell you it is going to be one heck of an amazing summer. sidenote, if you haven’t ever read kait’s blog you NEED to. this woman is unbelieveable! aside from being a fierce, #girlboss role model, she is also one of the brightest shining lights for the lord i’ve ever met. i cannot wait to spend this summer (and hopefully many years to come) in her mentorship.
now, you’re probably thinking, “wow, em! sounds like you are off to a great start!”
and yes as of monday i am, but let me tell you this was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. ever since i accepted this internship i’ve been nothing but excited. it wasn’t until the semester came to an end that leaving became all too real. yes i’ve been other places far from home on my “own” (new york, europe, spring break trips, etc.), but nothing like this. as i said goodbye to the people i love the most one by one, wanting to stay out here got harder and harder. i suck at goodbyes, even if it’s only for a few months. i don’t think i’ve ever cried so much in one week. lol
but then somehow after my first day going insanely well (despite my nerves), i was filled with overwhelming peace. like god was just saying “my daughter, i’ve got you. just lean on me. i’ll see you through.”
how is god working in your life this week?
i am so excited to continue this new journey, and so thankful kait has taken me under her wing! be prepared for updates as the summer continues!
PS: for someone who doesn’t wear yellow, i’ve been wearing this new madewell top quite a bit recently. maybe it’s an outward expression of the los angeles sunshine? haha
/ top: madewell / shorts: vintage / sandals: target / sunnies: c/o madewell /

spring break part two: FORT WALTON BEACH.

unlike NOLA, i have like no pictures of the florida part of our trip..but i mean can you blame me? i was bummin’ on the beach the whole time!
but anyway, here’s a few pictures i snapped with my GoPro, during a shoot or my phone while out and about!
other than lay on the beach, we did do some fun things like PARASAIL, try local restaurants and venture over to destin to meet up with one of my girls from school!
we stayed at the Wyndham Garden Resort on oakaloosa island in fort walton beach. when you stay with wyndham one of your perks is beach chairs and umbrellas. don’t ask me why that makes me so excited because it just does! heehee
also, wanna make friends fast on the beach? wear your school colors. you’ll have people yelling “go pokes!” at you from down the beach! #okstate

{ grilled, fresh red snapper from Harbor Docks in destin }
fun fact: harbor docks is the only restaurant in destin that catches it’s own seafood daily!

{ why yes, yes i do have my own deep sea fishing boat in destin. 😉 }

{ whataburger on the beach…true texan. }

i’d say six years is too long a gap between beach trips, and it definitely won’t be happening again!
ft. walton you were good to us.
i’ll be seeing you soon!
xoxo, emily