flex friday: LEG PRESS 101

alrighty lovebugs, long time no flex i know. but we’re back and flexing and talking leg day today!
my training had been a lot of volume recently, which i hated because it means i couldn’t lift as heavy, and quite honestly it made for boring workouts. i mean imagine doing 7 sets of like 20 reps…..it gets kinda old after the 4th set. sometimes you have to mix up your training a little bit to make progress!
my coach actually switched things up a few weeks ago, and i’m starting to get some strength back! thank goodness for lower rep ranges!!
one exercise i’ve been doing a lot of is leg press. I LOVE LEG PRESS, okay? there’s so many different things you can do with a leg press that you can’t really ever get tired of it.
oh, you didn’t know that? well let me just clue you in! ๐Ÿ˜‰
here’s a quick video to show you a couple variations that i do.
these can all target different areas of the leg simply depending on foot placement!
easy enough right?

so just remember:

– if you wanna hit the glutes/hammies, high & wide or high & narrow.

– if you wanna hit your quads, the basic stance or neutral & narrow.

and don’t forget that you can do calves on a leg press too!!

okay, now go! do some legs! move some weight! wooo!

flex friday: EUROPA 2016.

first off, let me say that my wifi is being a brat and taking FOREVER to upload the vlog. i apologize on behalf of my internet.
regardless of my wifi connection, i am so so excited to share this vlog with y’all this week.
if you didn’t know, i, along with a few friends, went to the dallas europa games and expo last weekend! now if you aren’t crazy about the whole fitness world, you’re probably wondering why this was such an exciting thing for me.
well besides all the free supplement samples, protein snacks, and energy drinks and crazy good deals on products, you also get the chance to meet people in the fitness industry!!
i got to meet some of my favorite fitness girls, who are huge inspirations to me, this year at the expo.
i’ll give you more deets in the vlog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

and here’s allllll the links as promised. ๐Ÿ™‚

if you’re ever in the area check out …destination dallas!

my favorite place to grab a quick HEALTHY bite to eat

i’m still brainstorming for future flex friday ideas, so if you have any topics or questions send them my way!!

spring break haul!

i keep telling myself, “two more weeks. two more weeks.”
you can probably guess what’s in two weeks.
where am i going for spring break you ask? i’m going on a cruise y’all!!
(more details in the video)
while it is warming up a bit here in oklahoma, it definitely hasn’t been consistently warm enough for it to feel like spring yet. so i’m crazy excited to get to our destination and soak up the sun, because my legs are a whole new shade of pastey. lol
forever21 sunnies (i couldn’t find the direct link)

in my haul, i mentioned two fun reads, to all the boys I’ve loved before and Kill The Boy Band. i’m so glad seventeen sent me these, because i needed something that wasn’t a marketing book or management powerpoint to dive into over the break. i mean who wouldn’t want a little escape on vacation?
i love cute, little books like these to read while waiting in the airport, on the plane or while laying out.
are you doing something fun for spring break? staying home? netflixing your life away?
xoxo, emily