welcome (goodbye) to my dorm room!

first off, let me thank y’all for letting me take a quick break from posting during finals week. it was definitely good not having to worry so i could get some quality studying in (seven hours in the union basement…i went crazy), which led me to passing every exam! hooray!!
i decided to do a little dorm tour before i began packing up and things got chaotic as sort of a final goodbye to HS 312A. 
i’ve shown y’all my desk space before, but never my room as a whole. so voila, here it is!
i listed the major decor pieces and where i got them down below, but if you have any specific questions feel free to comment or email me!
(i filmed with a gopro so excuse the fish-eye effect.)
{ beginning of move-in day… }
{ move-in day. unfinished. }
/ quilt/throw/coral shams: TJ Maxx / 
/ body pillow/chevron pillow/sheet set/lamp shade: Target / butterfly pillow: IKEA / 
xoxo, emily