what’s in my purse + what you NEED in yours!

i told yall back when i showed what’s in my gym bag about how nosey i tend to be. like i’m DYING to know what you all got for christmas.
( you should tell me in the comments. 😉 )
today, i’m emptying out my handbag to show yall what all is in there, because right now it’s basically a bottomless pit.
i’ve been loving my longchamp le pliage tote every since i bought it this past summer. it’s perfect. like i’m not sure how it fits all that it can, but it does. it holds everything AND the kitchen sink. pretty impressive right?
now like i said, nobody needs all this crap in their bag, and if you do, please tell me what kind of adventurous life you live.
i realized while laying out everything for this picture that it wasn’t a lot of stuff, which is good. good because if you know what your necessities are it makes switching handbags quick and easy.

1) keys / phone – obviously. need i say more?

2) “basics” wallet – i keep all the things i’ll need on an everyday basis in here. i.d, debit card, student i.d, health care card (just in case) and a few business cards.
i love having something like this because i can grab it and go if i need to, and not have to worry about forgetting something.
3) external battery – why would you not take one of these with you? i have two but i prefer to keep this one with me because it charges faster and longer and has two usb ports instead of one (so you and your girls have no need to worry about dying phones).
4) sunnies – you know your girl doesn’t go anywhere without her sunglasses. i always have one basic pair (usually my raybans) that i keep with me, but will always bring along the pair i’m wearing that day. these are the ones pictured!
5) agenda – i am NOT the type of person to put things in my calendar on my phone. i just can’t do it. i have to be able to physically write things down to remember them, so the kate spade agenda comes along just about everywhere.
6) pen – have you ever been the person that has a pen when someone is asking for a pen? do you know how cool it feels to be the person with the pen?! okay, it’s not that cool, but seriously, pens are always handy. this is my favorite pen that i got from WGSN hq in nyc…it writes like a dream.
7) health & beauty bag – having a little bag like this was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. i keep things like chapstick, tampons, hand sanitizer, lotion, nose spray, etc in here and it makes my bag so much more organized and clutter free.
i don’t remember where i got this bag from, but i’ve seen tons of cute pouches recently >> link / link / link
^ all under $30! ^
did i miss anything you’d call an essential? let me know!
xoxo, emily

flex friday: killeen calvary classic + 2 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS!

what. a. weekend. wow.
this flex friday monday, i’m giving you a quick recap of my show from last weekend, the killeen calvary classic, as well as sharing TWO HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that you won’t want to miss!

and real quick, let me just give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone of you that continually supported me through my prep and competition. your thoughts, prayers, and support mean so so much to me! i’ve been truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life!


 so unbelievably blessed to have these two in my life. 

connect with them through: facebook / twitter / instagram
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this is such an amazing opportunity, yall!

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xoxo, emily

fall favorites.

instead of simply sharing more of my favorite fashion trends for fall or fall must haves, i found this tag video on lorraine stanick’s channel and thought it was perfect to share with y’all!

you get a little slice of everything fall in this video..enjoy!

my fall favorites:
1) bath & body works “leaves” candle
2) MAC “stripdown” lip liner & maybelline “nude embrace” lipstick
3) apple cider & starbucks toasted graham latte
4) marc jacobs “decadence”
5) LUSH men’s shirting romper & old navy suede skirt
7) uhhhh…..
8) deep fried turkey & stuffing
9) pop art/comic book character

i failed to add a picture in the video, so thank you to pinterest for saving the day!

copy & paste into a comment and let me know your fall faves!
your favorite fall..
1) candle
2) lip color
3) drink
4) perfume
5) clothing item
6) movie
7) tv show
8) thanksgiving food
9) halloween costume

xoxo, emily