today’s look..5 things i learned from my internship

happy first week of school, lovebugs! i seriously cannot believe i’m stinkin’ college SENIOR. like in a few short months i have to be an adult…. *breathes deeply* anyway, i wanted to talk a little bit about my internship.

 if you’re new here i’ll clue you in real quick: this past summer, i spent 12 weeks in sunny los angeles, california for an internship with madly mignon and kaitkat creative content. SO FUN, but now i’m back at oklahoma state to finish up school.

i know so many of you college gals (& guys) do internships, so i thought i would share a few of the life/career lessons i learned from mine. scroll on down!


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go into your internship knowing that you’re going to be doing a lot of grunt work and there’s no way around it. once you get that out of the way you can really focus on what your purpose there is. show that you have passion for the company through your work…yanno, like you actually care about being there. take initiative by going above and beyond your to-do list for the day. this speaks volumes to your supervisor! you might just be there for class credit, but it’s AMAZING what you can get out of being just an intern.


i like to think i had a very special internship. it was very intimate and one-on-one everyday, unlike a lot of people who do internships in a more corporate setting. i mean i used kait’s (my bosses’) kitchen table as my office space most days. but i went into my internship knowing that i wanted to make a real connection with my supervisor and come out with a mentorship. it’s one thing to just stay in touch, but another to know that you can call on that person for anything whether it be career advice, guidance, or council for ANYTHING is really comforting.


i feel like this is a no brainer, especially because you probably put in a lot of effort to find and get your internship and you want to be there. love learning. it’s that simple.


this is another HUGGEEE thing i had to learn during my internship. it applies really in any job, but especially if you are working for yourself or working remotely. you really have to create a structure for your day and prioritize your tasks so that you work efficiently. this is also super common sense but something you might overlook.


i’m gonna be totally honest with you, i had some really sucky days during my internship. sometimes you just don’t have a good day, or you don’t feel good, or you’re homesick. IT’S OKAY. this was my first time being far away from home for that long, and let me tell you i was missing home hard. but that’s okay, because YOU’RE HUMAN. much love for you intern babes. xoxo

/ top: romwe (similar) / jeans: old navy / ring: james avery / shoes: target / sunnies: guess / lips: purple reign


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    1. thanks, whit! it honestly varied so much! sometimes we’d meet at her house and sometimes we’d go out to a coffee shop to switch things ups. somedays we had photoshoots too. so it honestly just depended on that days agenda! such a fun work environment! 🙂 xoxo

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