my top 5 things to do in LA

hellloooooo, lovebugs! blogging live from highway 93 in the middle of nowhere arizona on our way to the south rim of the grand canyon! so sorry this post didn’t go up yesterday like normal, but also not sorry because vegas is FUN. hahah!

(if you are confused as to why i’m such an adventure, let me clue you in real quick. my internship ended thursday, mom also flew out to LA on thursday and we’re headed out on a 5 day road trip back to texas. WOO!)

no worries though, i’ll have a whole road trip round-up up soon after getting back home, so you’ll get to see all of our fun stops! i mean how often do you get to road trip half way across the country with your momma?

prefacing this post by apologizing for length and amount of pictures. LOL you’re welcome.

but for now, i thought i’d talk a little bit about LA, yanno since i just spent 3 months there. i like to do this things where i make a list of “bites & sights” for every site i visit, so of course i had an “LA BITES & SIGHTS” note on my phone full of places i had seen or heard about from various people, blogs, etc. and i’d like to think i tackled most of them in the time i was there thanks to my solo adventurer side coming out, and to the fam and friends that came out to play tourist. but rather than sharing that entire list on here (email me if you want it!), i decided that summing it up in my top 5 favorite things would be a bit easier.

so without further ado,

here is my top 5 favorite things to do in los angeles!

1) EAT.

street tacos are a must. from anywhere. they’re all good, i promise. and at $1.25 a taco you can’t beat it. get three, no judgement.

santa monica seafood. half fish market, half delicious seafood restaurant. right on wilshire in santa monica, obviously.

for dessert i couldn’t narrow it down because all three of these ice cream joints are AMAZING.

  • diddy riese cookies in westwood for the best $2 make-your-own ice cream sandwich you’ll ever have.
  • salt and straw on abbot kinney in venice for the most interesting ice cream flavors and freshly made waffle cones. the gooey brownie is my all time favorite, but try the honey lavender if you’re feeling adventurous. it’s pretty yummy too! – unashamedly went here at least 5 times thoughtout the summer.
  • the milk shop in west hollywood for some very over the top sundaes, make your own and macaroon ice cream sandwiches.

blue plate taco on ocean ave in santa monica is also a great spot for some extra yummy mexican food. def doesn’t top texmex, but it was a pretty good attempt. 😉 – also saw howie mandel here if you saw my instastory of me geeking out.

monstrous ice cream sandwiches from diddy riese!


first off, it’s pronounced “brode.” why? i’m not sure…to be difficult i guess. make sure you reserve your free tickets in a few weeks in advance because it sells out pretty quickly. and if you think you aren’t the art museum type (me either!) but you’ll really enjoy this one! i mean just check out the pictures below!

PS: the wait for the infinity rooms is 150% worth it. coolest 45 seconds i’ve ever experienced.


venice beach is fun if you like the wacky, free spirited type, but it’s definitely not my favorite. i prefer malibu beach…talk about GORGEOUS, but it’ll take you an hour on PCH to get there (dang traffic). santa monica beach is touristy but definitely easy to get to, plus you can see the pier (which is also fun! catch a pier concert on thursday nights!) if you want something a little closer, and a little less crowded, head down a little south to playa del rey. a quaint little beach town right of highway 1 just south of venice.

4) OJAI.

my last weekend in town, we took a little day trip up to ojai, california for kait’s birthday and visited topa mountain winery. i wish i could’ve seen more of ojai, but we just didn’t have time. from what i did see, it’s a cute little mountain town perfect for a little R&R. i have a post about the winery coming up, so stay tuned!!

5) HIKE.

obviously, you can’t go to hollywood without hiking up to the hollywood sign. the fam and i hiked to both the front AND back of the sign. it’s about 7 miles round trip and took us just under 3 hours. it’s definitely not an easy hike, but there are plenty of stopping points to take in the views and catch your breath. on a good clear day, the views are STELLAR. (we went in the afternoon/evening and followed The Hiking Guys post!)

outfit details:

top: jcrew / shorts: madewell / slides: urban outfitters / hat: sole society (similar) / sunnies: raen / tote: longchamp


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