the best bra for the IBTC: the Upbra.

all my ladies, listen up! today we’re getting real & up close and personal and talking BRAS (so to my five dude readers, sorry this one’s def not for you.). ugh YAY. i love girl talk.

alright, let’s get transparent. i am SO flat chested. like queen of the IBTC (if you don’t it lol). it’s a blessing & a curse. so when Upbra contacted me about trying out their bras that supposedly give you “cleavage you never thought possible
& lift like you never had before,” you know i had to give it a whirl. trust me, i absolutely love being able to go bra-less whenever possible (thank you small boobs), but sometimes you NEED to fill out a top for it to fit well and look right. you get me? they sent me over the perfect tshirt Upbra & the strapless to try out, and they are seriously the only bras i wear anymore.

let me just tell you some reasons i LOVE Upbra.


ONE: so much lift, so little padding.

see those little strap/hooks on the inside? the farther you pull them the more lift you get. no need to tighten the shoulder straps!

TWO: unreal comfort

because you don’t have to crank down the shoulder straps, the bra itself stays super comfy. they also don’t have insane amounts of padding that make everything smushed and uncomfy.

THREE: smooth, natural & incognito

i’ve worn super pushup bras before, and they all tend to create this unnatural shape. you know, like makesit look very obvious from your profile that you have hella padding under that shirt. the shape of the Upbras smooths everything out so that your tops fit nicely, and you have a natural, full cup looking profile.

still curious how it all works? check out their site here!

PS: it’s so hard to show how well the Upbra truly works through photos without being risqué. so take my word for it, or if you ever see me in person…well check me out. lol

pic c/o Upbra

(left: unpadded t-shirt bra // right: Upbra)





















2 thoughts on “the best bra for the IBTC: the Upbra.

  1. I always read bra reviews because I’m always in search of the best one, but I definitely don’t need more help in that department, so this bra might not be for me! It definitely looks interesting though!

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