my 2019 anti-resolutions + intentions.

hi, babes! first post of 2019 comin at ya!

last year i boycotted new year’s resolutions and came up with a list of intentions instead. things that i would intentionally put effort towards all year so that they slowly just became a habit/lifestyle change. nothing crazy and life altering..just manageable little changes like being intentional about what i put in my body, shifting my mindset in the gym from aesthetic to function, and prioritizing my relationship with the Lord. and i can pretty much say i’m still upholding those intentions.

i read a post by chriselle lim yesterday where she listed out her 2019 anti-resolutions (thank you for joining the club chris, we’re glad you’re here! lol), so this year we’re continuing the resolution strike!

i think she says it best, “a lot of times, we create these goals that sound nice & fluffy from the exterior but on the inside, it’s not conducive to our current lifestyle. why the heck would we do that to ourselves? i’m all about high expectations and standards (ask just about anyone), but not to the point where i want to risk setting myself up for failure.

so here’s my list of anti-resolutions or intentions for 2019!

2019 anti-resolutions & intentions:

– make sure to get some sort of exercise everyday, even if i don’t go to the gym.

towards the end of last year, fitness really dropped on my priority list. this year i want to refocus and be intentional everyday about my exercise.

– get back to drinking a gallon of water a day

y’all, i used to LOVE challenging myself to this everyday, and i’m honestly not sure why i stopped. BRING BACK THE BIG CUP BABY!!! try it with me, you’ll feel 10x better.

– listen to more informative podcasts…not just true crime (lol)

i used to be a big reader back in grade school, but now i have like no time for that. that’s why i love podcasts SO MUCH. if you have any good news, informative, business related podcasts you love, send em my way! i have a post coming up about this btw.

– turn off all screens 30 minutes before bed & spend that time as my quiet/devotional time

why i have such a hard time with this i don’t even know. i swear the scroll is so hard to stop once you start. #excuses

– track expenses better to see in what areas i can save more

anyone else here to admit they are HORRIBLE with money? it’s okay, i’ll be honest i am THE WORST at budgeting and saving. that’s why God will have me marry someone super financially responsible who can teach me their ways. lol – but until then we’ll cut back on starbs, eating out so much and unplanned grocery store trips.

– be happy. be content. be present.

this was my last intention of 2018 and i think i’ll keep it alive.

this intention is pretty self-explanatory. i want to keep being consistently happy..with myself, with my life and being content with where i’m at in God’s plan for me. lastly, being present in the moment. every day is not like the last and won’t be the same as tomorrow. cherish every moment. be intentional with your words. know that He is enough.

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