25 by 25 | a 20 something’s bucket list.

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happy freakin friday, lovebugs! today’s post is kind of self explanatory, but i’ll give you a quick run down. i’ve always wanted to create this awesome, extravagant, detailed bucketlist that i would tackle over my next however many years…but let’s get real, i was not about to sit down and think of the ultimate bucket list and i always forget to add things to ongoing lists.

SOOO, i decided to do something a little more manageable and attainable. i’ve seen lots of 30 by 30 lists, but 30 is just too far away. my type A brain needs to be able to check things off a list a little quicker. LOL

without further ado here is a list of 25 things i want to do/accomplish/buy by my 25th birthday!

(PS: these are in no priority order!)
  1. graduate college – if this isn’t done by may 2018 someone please pray for me. go pokes!
  2. marry the man of my dreams ( you know who you are 😉 )
  3. travel to one new destination each year (domestic or international) – give the US some credit. we have some AMAZING destinations!
    • we’ve already got a jump on this, y’all! age 20: prague / age 21: los angeles & vegas
  4. get my own place/apartment/house/mansion/penthouse – we’re dreamin’ big over here!
  5. trip to israel – this is somewhere i’ve always wanted to go. to dwell in the lord’s promise land and walk where jesus walked. how amazing this would be?
  6. get a puppy
    • i had this on the list before i got lil remi, but i added an extra bucket list item in place of it. no cheating!
  7. girls trip to vegas – where’s my girls at?! bachelorette party anyone?
  8. compete again
    • this is also an item i had on here previously that i decided to strike out not because i had accomplished it, but because i have decided to no longer pursue that lifestyle. more to come on this in the next #flexfriday!
  9. get  a BIG GIRL JOB. WHAT WHAT?! – someone teach me how to adult, and quickly!
  10. grow Love Emmarie to start turning this passion into a business. #GIRLBOSS
  11. take my parents out to a FANCY SCHMANCY dinner. – with money earned from said big girl job ^^
  12. learn to shoot skeet #HelpMeBud
  13. purchase my first LUX designer bag.
    • chanel or YSL? gucci or prada? decisions decisions..
  14. hot air balloon ride – it looks so MAGICAL, y’all.
  15. learn how to bake the PERFECT apple pie.
    • this might seem really random, but if you know me, you’d know this is my favorite dessert OF ALL TIME. what good housewife doesn’t know how to bake a pie?
  16. buy the perfect LBD for my body – “little black dress” for those of you who don’t know. 🙂
  17. fully accept my body image
    • remember, you are a child of GOD. in his eyes, you are perfect.
  18. go to stagecoach &/or faster horses
    • i used to dream of coachella, but i feel like a good country music festival is more up my alley.
    • tips from anyone that has been?
  19. attempt spontaneity and book a last minute flight/go on an unplanned last minute trip
    • this will really be a challenge since i’ll be going against my type A/planner brain.
  20. learn/memorize 5 complete meals
    • and i don’t mean spaghetti or mac n cheese. i mean full on rachel ray/ree drummond recipes.
  21. read through the bible – front to back!
    • i’ve tried before, but never been completely successful.
  22. go on college tours with my sister
    • what a crazy thing to think about that my baby sister will be touring colleges before i’m 25. *crying*
  23. be able to do 5+ pull ups in a row – i can do 1.5 lol #GAINZ
  24. go skydiving (cliché..i know)
  25. completely build & decorate a bar cart – in the works, y’all!!
  26. upgrade camera equipment
  27. find some way to use my spiritual gifts to serve in the church.
    • used to serve at my home church in so many ways, but since going to college i’ve really been slacking in that.

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top: jcrew / bandana: madewell / shorts: madewell / sunnies: madewell / lips: pomegranate lipsense


wanna make a 25 by 25 list? do it!

then share it with me!!!


4 thoughts on “25 by 25 | a 20 something’s bucket list.

    1. ooh girl, i haven’t decided on if i’m going to grad school or not! as much as i love being in college, i’m not sure if the grad school life is the life for me! hahah
      xoxo, em

      1. Omg, I totally misread number 1 as if you were trying to finish grad school by 2018. Ha! I was thinking, “Dang! She did that quick! Or maybe she had a 5-year undergrad/masters partner program.” My bad!

  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “youve” in “comment_content” *]
    #21 – Try YouVersion app every morning. Lots of plans. Will read to you, if you need help with those names!

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