the skincare combo i’ve been RAVING about.

you know that feeling you get when you find a foundation that matches perfectly, or a pair of jeans that fit just right, or a bra that’s equally comfy & flattering? how you just wanna shout from the rooftops about how thrilled you are? well let me tell you that’s exactly what i’m doing in this post! today, the blog is my rooftop & i’m shouting about the BEST skincare combo!

i partnered up with Clarisonic about a month ago to test out their new Mia Prima cleansing brush (a perfect holiday gift, but we’ll chat about that later). i already have the original Clarisonic Mia brush and LOVE it for deep cleaning my skin a few times a week, so i was eager to see how this compared.

the device

first off, this device is so slim and sleek making it great for travel use. it’s also only $99!

secondly, i love the Daily Radiance brush head that comes with it. my skin can’t typically handle the Deep Pore brush head that i have on my Mia more than a couple times a week, but i’ve been able to use the Mia Prima everyday for over a week with absolutely no problem! it’s actually proven to be safe to use 2x daily, even for you sensitive skin babes.

the cleanser

i know i said earlier i was going to be sharing a combo of skincare products today, and i am. no worries! the other half of my routine is the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser (a Kiehl’s cult fave!). they sent along this cleanser with the mia prima, and i’m so glad they did! i’ve been trying different cleansers for years attempting to find a good one for daily use, and i think i may have found it. i’ll definitely be repurchasing.

y’all i literally can’t even describe how AMAZING my skin feels after i use this brush + cleanser combo. my face has never felt cleaner or softer, and i promise i’m not just saying all of this for the sake of the blog post. ask my boyfriend. i freak out on him almost every night about how soft & smooth my skin feels. LOL

now let’s talk gifts real quick. for $99 this is the PERFECT gift for the beauty maven in your life! Clarisonic even has a few gift sets that include Kiehl’s products! this one has the ultra facial cleanser i’ve been obsessed with!


alright, babes. i’ve gone on enough about this AMAZING skincare duo that i think you get my point. you’ve gotta try it. okay. that’s all. love you bye.

signature xoxo emily


This post is brought to you by Clarisonic, Kiehl’s, and Her Campus Media

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