frills + thrills: AUGUST/SEPTEMBER

it’s pretty obvious i missed august’s frills + thrills post considering it’s the middle of september, but i still wanted to share a few things i’ve been loving lately!

romwe finds

as you many know, i’ve been working with romwe for the past couple of months (which has been incredible by the way!) and i’ve found myself scrolling through their site so often recently. some of the pieces are hit or miss when it comes to fit and quality, BUT everything that i’ve gotten has been great! i figured i’d round up a few fall finds for you, so you can see what’s been catching my eye lately. oh! BONUS, they’re all under $25.

  1. scallop hem sweater / 2.  raw edge white sweater / 3. black tie front top / 4. floral embroidered top / 5. star print sweater / 6. top pajama top / 7. plaid blanket scarf / 8. double buckle belt

pinterest home inspo

y’all know how obsessed i am with pinterest, how OCD i am about categorizing my boards & how i get in little phases with my pinning. recently, i’ve been pinning almost nothing but home decor inspiration. knowing me, it probably won’t surprise you when i say i have two different home decor boards. LOL one called “get homey” and another called “get that dream home.” the difference? “get homey” is my overall home inspo and “get that dream home” is inspo for my actual future home. more of a rustic, traditional yet somehow modern feel.

village church podcasts/sermons

sometimes music just get old and the radio sucks. enter the village church sermons. i listen to them on the apple podcast app so i have them wherever i go. i’ve found that podcasts in general are great for long drives or long walks to campus. today, i listened to “vivification” on colossians 3 &4.

smile brilliant

this is a little sneak peak at a fun post to come, so consider yourself lucky! i’ve been using a custom whitening product called smile brilliant for the past couple of months and have been LOVING it. i’ll be sharing all the details (& a GIVEAWAY!) in a couple of weeks!

new makeup finds

okay, i LOVE finding new makeup products, but what girl doesn’t? i’ve recently found a new foundation, contour palette, setting spray (which is just new to me..i’m so behind) & brow pencil, and i’m obsessed. 



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