25 by 25 | a 20 something’s bucket list.

bucket list malibu pier beach ootd

happy freakin friday, lovebugs! today’s post is kind of self explanatory, but i’ll give you a quick run down. i’ve always wanted to create this awesome, extravagant, detailed bucketlist that i would tackle over my next however many years…but let’s get real, i was not about to sit down and think of the ultimate bucket list and i always forget to add things to ongoing lists.

SOOO, i decided to do something a little more manageable and attainable. i’ve seen lots of 30 by 30 lists, but 30 is just too far away. my type A brain needs to be able to check things off a list a little quicker. LOL

without further ado here is a list of 25 things i want to do/accomplish/buy by my 25th birthday!

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today’s look..urban light.

simple casual summer look tshirt dress sandals

this outfit i like to call my “tour guide barbie” outfit, because i wore it both while my family was visiting and also while my best girlfriend, taylor was here this weekend. it’s basically one of those outfits that is composed entirely out of go-to pieces, which is basically what i’ve had to do all summer.

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FLEX FRIDAY: i am burnt out.

hello, lovebugs! i hope you got all your work done for the week, because you deserve a BREAK! enjoy yourself this weekend..i know i will! my bestest girlfriend, taylor is flying into LAX in just a few hours and i could not be more excited! we have a huge list of things to do and see and eat and drink, starting with the broad this evening.

(keep an eye out for that blog post coming soon! this museum is RAD, so rad it’s sold out, and you won’t want to miss it.)

but in more relevant news, FLEX FRIDAY IS BACK!

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