morning to-do’s i swear by for a productive day.

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goooooood morning, babes! i’m feeling strangely chipper this morning compared to my usual groggy self. your girl is NOT a morning person, okay? i’m one of those people who stays up late doing stuff in the wee hours of the night because that’s when i’m most productive. anyone else? HOWEVER, i hate wasting half a day not being productive by sleeping in too late…kinda contradictory, i know. today, i want to share a few of my morning “to-do’s” that i swear help get me up and going even on a slow day.

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easy rust smokey eye for fall.

hi babes! comin’ at ya today with makeup tutorial perfect for fall (or any time really…i’m that obsessed). ever since i discovered the beautiful metallic rust shade in my morphe palette, i’ve been using it nonstop. like i’m surprised i haven’t hit pan on it. this look would be beautiful once we’re deep into fall, but i think it’s also a good transition look coming from summer. it’s deeper but the orangey, red tones scream HOT SUMMER NIGHTS. and now looking back on it, i wonder why i didn’t name this look that….dang it.

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3 outfits for football game days.

football game day outfit inspiration orange and black

y’all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and, no, i’m not talking about christmas. i’m talking about football season!! college football kicked off this holiday weekend and i couldn’t be more excited to cheer on my cowboys! GO POKES! well, the only way i could be more excited was if i was still a student and at every home game, but we’ll just not think about that. if you’re from the south you know just how big of a deal football season is. hello, friday night lights is no joke down here in texas!

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