being the best me with Smile Brilliant.

hello hello, babes! today, i’m giving y’all the down low on my favorite at-home teeth whitening system, Smile Brilliant, which has been a long time coming. i’ve been using Smile Brilliant for a few months now and it’s easily best at home whitening product i’ve ever used, and let me clue you in as to why!

first off, the process is just too easy. they send you your kit, you create your tray impressions, send back the mold in the addressed envelope, get your trays back in a week & voila you’re ready to go!

secondly, yes you read that right, it’s completely custom. your mouth, your trays. WOOT WOOT!

and lastly, you don’t have to break the bank to be FAB! i’ve tried several different whitening products over the years (including dentist prescribed products), and i must say that this is the most efficient and cost effective of them all. Smile Brilliant systems start at just $129 and that gets you custom trays and NINE whitening applications. WHAT?! of course you can go back and purchase more whitening gel after (only 35 BUCKS!) because you’ll already have your custom bleaching trays.

if you’re wondering why i’m so into the appearance of my mouth (LOL how weird does that sound?), let me tell ya! i had BAD teeth as a kid. like so bad it took almost 8 years of orthodontist visits accompanied by a bad case of metal mouth to fix it. can you say “YIKES?!” now i finally have a great smile i want to show off, but let’s face it straight, coffee/tea/soda/wine stained teeth do not go well together! after 8 years of suffering, you can bet your bottom i’m going to have the best smile i possibly can! i’m just trying to be the best me i can be, alright?

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. you can be the best you, too! i’m giving away a Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit to one of you babes! click the link below to enter & be sure to leave me a comment letting me know you’re in!

head over to: to enter!

you can also use discount code: LOVEEMMARIE15 for $15 off your trays!

*giveaway is open for two weeks. MUST enter through the link to be counted. giveaway is for $139 credit – and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents.*

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