bar cart inspiration.

just sharing my latest obsession with y’all today.
i don’t really know why all of a sudden i wanted to create my own bar cart, but i do. maybe it’s because i’m 21 now or because my roomie just graduated and took hers with her. but all i know is that there is a bid empty spot in my living room that is screaming to be filled with something pretty.
i’ve pulled some of my recent pins for inspiration, and made a little collage of wishlist items that i think i want to use to style my own bar cart.
however, please note that these items are pretty inspirational and i’ll probably end up buying cheaper options off amazon. LOL ya girl is still ballin’ on a budget here.
wishlist links:

flex friday: confidence.

six weeks out, yall. woah.
we’re getting down to the wire and this is getting all too real. i got my show shoes, ordered my suit, have been working on my posing like crazy, sticking to my diet like it’s life or death and doing over four hours of cardio a week. but let me tell you, it’s all so worth it.
i’ll admit though, i am super nervous.
being up on stage in a bikini with everyone staring at you..a panel of judges judging your body and comparing you to others…doesn’t really sound too appealing, right? i know.
but confidence is key in this situation.
“nothing hold you back more than your own insecurities.”
there’s some straight tumblr wisdom right there.
so out of’s a little flex friday transformation for yall not only to prove that i actually am doing this, but i feel like i owe y’all an actual update since last time we talked about ice cream. lol
every week i make myself a comparison collage to see my progress since the beginning. it’s purpose is kind of as a reminder that even though i might not see it that day, progress is being made.
some days are harder than others there’s no doubt about that, but other than determination and confidence in myself i have to have confidence in the lord.
jeremiah 17:7 says “but blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.”
and because of that confidence..
philippians 4:13 says “i can do everything through HIM who gives me strength.”
on another note, here’s my gym ootd featuring my favorite leggings.
a dude at the gym told me they were “dope”…that means they’ve gotta be cool right?
/ top: rock rep fitness / leggings: nike / shoes: nike /
happy flex friday, y’all!
now go pick up some heavy stuff, put it back down and repeat.
xoxo, emily