today’s + blue.

anyone remember that one time that you had a paper to write but you had no idea how to start it, so you sat there and stared at the computer?
me. currently. trying to write this blog post.
i told bud i was having trouble coming up with a topic for today’s post, and he said to write about how awesome my boyfriend is. and i know he was just trying to be funny, but honestly he deserves some major credit.

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today’s look..your highlight reel.

happy happy friday, lovebugs! this week went by so quickly. like i’m pretty sure yesterday was monday, was it not?
some of you are probably thinking the exact opposite as is friday couldn’t get here soon enough.
well regardless, the weekend is here, so take this time to participate in a little R&R. i know i will!
today concludes my third week of my internship. it’s almost been a whole month! time is seriously flying! i have learned so much already in the short time i’ve been working with kait, and a lot of our work is making me realize how not-so-glamorous the life of a blogger/entrepreneur/#girlboss can be.

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today’s look…somewhere on a beach.

hey all you spring breakers!
i’m writing this post from our comfy, cozy lodge room in south fork, colorado, and surprisingly not having to try too hard to stay warm. it’s been getting close to about 40 degrees during the day up here on the mountain, which makes for some pretty toasty skiing. like, this cold natured gal just skied in a t-shirt for the first time this week.
don’t get me wrong, i’m NOT complaining one bit! the weather has been beautiful. it just results in a slushy mountain by about 2 pm.
enough about skiing, let’s talk about this look!
this top is actually a little vintage/diy combo courtesy of my daddy. i saw this striped button-down in a pile of clothes he was about to get rid of and i had to snatch it! the pale blue stripes remind me so much of beach cabanas (hence the “somewhere on a beach” post title)…is anyone else getting that vibe?
this was a simple diy. just chop off the sleeves, hem and roll. okay, it was a little bit more difficult than that, so i can do a tutorial if y’all want it!
i wanted to make this top have a “boyfriend” type feel. yanno, oversized like you borrowed it, but somehow it still looks cute on you? that’s what we’re going for here. i cuffed the sleeves and tied up the bottom to give it that effortless that i think about it, these cut offs are vintage/diy too! thank you goodwill and thank you to whoever donated these fab calvin klein jeans.

pair this combo with some fun sandals and you’ve got the perfect beach look.
too bad i’m not at the beach for spring break. ­čśë

photos by jess robinson

/ shorts: similar from UO / sneakers: adidas stan smiths / sunnies: madewell /