travel photo diary: prague.

most people don’t think about going to the czech republic when they think about traveling to europe, but after this trip i can tell you that prague is one underrated destination that you definitely want to add to your bucket list.
i swear i took over 200 pictures in the ten days i was traveling, so narrowing it down to a reasonable amount for this post was quite difficult and sad because i want to show y’all everything. i literally could make a whole post on all the food i ate, because i’m pretty sure i took a typical “stand over the table before anyone touches their food” blogger photo at every meal. all of it was so good! except the strange lack of veggies and all things green..i guess the czech don’t know about the micronutrients they’re missing out on!

i wish i could take each one of you individually to coffee and tell you every single detail of my trip from start to finish because it was that amazing of an experience…but that’s a lot of coffee, so this post will do for now.

however, if you do want to chat about travel, europe, prague, food, or all of the above, hit me up. πŸ™‚

throughout this post i’ll try to explain as best i can what it is you’re looking at or share a quick little tid-bit from the trip.
alrighty, here we go from start to finish. you ready?

when you have a lunch time layover in atlanta, the varsity is a must.
what’ll ya have? what’ll ya have?
made my first international purchase in paris and it seemed like a vogue paris was appropriate.
this precious outdoor restaurant, called cafe girafe, was right across the street from the university we were staying at. it was a pretty good first meal in prague i’d say. 
highlight of the trip #1 : em gets kolaces. and they were DELICIOUS.
the fairy tale town of cesky krumlov.
apparently when you ask for a pepperoni pizza in the czech republic you get actual peppers…not pepperonis. BUT this was the best “pepperoni” pizza i’ve ever eaten.
now to the town of kutna hora.
the bone church in kutna hora. the bones of 40,000 individuals decoratively arranged throughout this church. eerie yet somehow completely beautiful.
okay y’all. when i tell you this restaurant has the best burgers i’ve ever tried, i mean it. hands down the most delicious burger i’ve ever tasted.
bacon bbq cheeseburgers, thick cut fries, and moscow mules. yum.
auschwtiz-birkenau concentration camps – krakow, poland.
“for ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women and children, mainly jews from various countries of europe.”
a cry of despair and a warning to humanity…let those words sink in a little.
“to the memory of the men, women and children who fell victim to the nazi genocide. here lie their ashes. may their souls rest in peace.”
czech liquor company tour and tasting…with a school group. check! πŸ˜‰
oh! and welcome to the breathtaking town of karlovy vary.
moser glassworks, a czech glassware company that blows all of their custom pieces by hand. truly an astonishing trade.
banana, nutella, hazelnut crepes. is there any other way to spend an afternoon?
prague beer museum. they had a chocolate beer, y’all. holy wow.
st. charles’ bridge.
when your terminal is right by laduree, it’s a sin not to get macaroons.
so that was my trip in a pretty small nutshell. i could literally talk about it for hours!
ooo! PROTIP: write a travel diary. as cheesy as it sounds, it’s a great way to remember everything you did that day. it doesn’t have to be some extravagant five page entry…mine was literally a couple sentences and some bullet points per day. solely to help me remember what all activities we did, because i knew i’d get questions! and i did. and i used my handy dandy notebook to answer them. πŸ˜‰
have you gone somewhere fab this year already? let me know what you did, where you went, etc etc!! let’s chat!!

today’s look..botanic garden blooms.

some of you might remember my last post from the botanical gardens, but comparing that post to this post you probably wouldn’t assume that they were shot in the same location.
oh what a difference a change in season will do.
the osu botanical gardens might be my new favorite place in stillwater, and i don’t mean just for a shoot location. this place is GORGEOUS, yall.
let me just daydream for a quick sec..
*on date with a cute boy* / *he gives you these precious flowers* / *takes you here for a sweet, little picnic dinner on the lawn* / *swoon*
okay, i’m back.
let’s get real, i was actually shooting my girl tay for her senior pictures (email me if you want me to shoot yours!), i bought these flowers for myself, and i’m on contest prep so no picnic for me. lol
yall are probably thinking, “em, hush and get to the outfit.”
this top is a recent purchase from forever21, and it was on a special sale rack for TWELVE DOLLARS. yes, you read that right.
forever21 tends to surprise me with quality sometimes; like with this piece. it’s very “free people” or “anthro” inspired, don’t you think?
i dressed it down with my go-to vintage cutoffs (a DIY!) and birkenstocks, but kept it pulled together with my kate spade top handle bag and chic black sunnies.
/ top: forever21similar, similar / shorts: vintage / watch: kenneth cole /
/ bag: kate spade / sunnies: amazon / lips: mac-stripdown liner /
xoxo, emily

flex friday: back on the grind.

i’m back on prep and i couldn’t be more excited about it.
i know. i’m weird.
i just enjoy the structure it provides my life.
…..and getting shredded is always something to look forward to.

i wanted to do a quick (this video actually is quick this time lol) update on how my prep for the osu cowboy classic is going so far. i’m only almost two weeks in, but it’s been great so far!!

[EDIT: wow. i really need a spray tan. your girl is pasty. let me go get that taken care of.]

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