how to: the perfect, cozy night in.

before we get too far, let me just set one thing straight: i’m all for going out with the girls and having fun, but let’s get real, i’m the most grandma twenty-one year old you’ll ever meet. 80% of the time i’d much rather stay in, cuddle up with a glass of wine and watch netflix. who’s with me? so clear your schedules, babes, i thought i would share how to have the most perfect night in!

my best gal, tay, & i decided to start a new tradition this year: “tay & em’s christmas day of fun!” we spent hours baking, watching christmas movies, sipping holiday sangria and just having an amazing GIRL’S NIGHT IN. here’s a few tips on how you can do the same!

get cozy.

you can’t have a cozy night in without a comfy sweater, stretchy pants, or fuzzy socks…am i right? might as well grab all your softest blankets and fluffiest pillows while you’re at it.

all the snacks.

there’s a reason it’s called comfort food. whether you order in or show off those food network skills we all know you practice when you’re home alone, grab your favorite meal or snacks to start the night off right.

somehow i didn’t get photos of all the yummy desserts we baked, but let me tell you they were YUM! we made some secret family recipe sugar cookies, peppermint oreo cheesecake brownies & some super cute reindeer rice krispies! tay even threw together a charcuterie board to balance out all the sweet with some savory.

grab a drink.

it wouldn’t be a successful night in without yummy cup of something to warm you up. i swear, you name it, we had it. LOL hot cocoa with allll the fixin’s, holiday coffee, moscato, and our favorite: cranberry apple cider sangria!!

phone a friend.

if you’re gonna stay in, don’t do it alone! call up your best gal pal (or two!) and invite them over. no need to drink wine & watch sappy rom-coms alone! plus who’s gonna help you bake & eat all those yummy treats i just told you about?!

find something binge worthy.

que ALLLLLL the christmas movies. the cheesier the BETTER! turn on abc family’s 25 days of christmas and call it good. but if you’re watching “the grinch” i better be getting an invite! 😉

if you’re reading this when it’s not christmas time, binge watch that netflix show you’ve been dying to start or round up all your favorite chick flicks!

(you can never go wrong with “the devil wears prada”!)


what are some of your favorite things to do for a good night in?

sweater: c/o RomWe / shorts: Old Navy (they have the BEST pjs) / coffee mugs: Target (all styles linked below!) / throw: Target


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