let’s get transitional.

hi babes! FINALLY, a day warm enough for ice cream. woo! spring is just around the corner and i am THRILLED. i’m so tired of being cold, wearing 4-5 layers, being cold, having dry skin, being whiter than a ghost, oh and did i mention being cold? i’m starting to bring out a few warmer weather pieces from the back of my closet, like my soludos sneakers, and i’ve started jumping on some new spring trends i can’t wait to style.

now a few deets about this look: 1) somehow this sweater is still in stock…i’m not sure how because it’s like the softest thing and so cute? 2) these sneakers are such a great transition piece & honestly one of my favorite pairs of shoes. 3) this little bucket bag is seriously my favorite thing right now. i’ve literally been carrying it everywhere. it came in black too, but i fought the urge and got it in blush. how perfect for spring?!

okay that’s all for now. i’ve been procrastinating school work for a little too long tonight. wishing you the BEST rest of your week, babes! xo

sweater: Nordstrom / jeans: American Eagle / shoes: Soludos / bag: Zara / earrings: Stella Vale / lips: MAC Taupe

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