2018 intentions & goals.


yanno, i always think that winter break is going to be easy breezy and relaxing….not a chance. i swear it’s been go, go, go with no set schedule or routine. it kind of drains me honestly. but besides that, it’s been SO FUN hanging out with family, seeing old friends, eating alllll the yummy treats, the works!

if you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that my 2017 didn’t really end on the best note..but i’m determined to take that negative energy, use it as fuel to propel me into this coming year & not let it get me down.

for the past few years i’ve been picking a theme word for the year. 2017’s word was “PURSUE” and i think i’ve decided that 2018’s word will be TRUST. trusting the Lord is something i’ve always struggled with, and now that trusting His plan is all i really have, i felt like that was the perfect word to kick the year off with.

i know it’s common to make a list of new year’s resolutions like “lose 15 pounds”, “pick up a new hobby”, “eat healthier”, “read more”…you know the drill lol. instead of creating a set list resolutions that have to be completed by the end of the year, i like to see it as a list of intentions for the year. things i want to be intentionally working on throughout the year and beyond that. lifestyle changes, yanno?

however, i’ve also set a few goals that are more specific that i want to reach!

all of this kind of making sense? good! let’s get into it.

2018 intentions:

(in no particular order)

be better to my body

by this i don’t mean keep going to the gym or get on a diet. i mean watching what i put in my body whether that be meals, enough water, sweet treats, limiting alcohol intake, and vitamins/supplements. i want to feel good and healthy all year and keep the getting sick thing to a minimum.

focus on functionality in the gym rather than aesthetics

this intention is a bit more specific (perhaps it should be under goals as well), but it is something that has been truly lacking over the past couple of years. i’ve been so focused on the bodybuilding style of lifting that a lot of my functionality and athleticism has gone to crap. so i want to incorporate more exercises that are going to help mobility and muscle functionality this year!

prioritize my relationship with HIM

you know how they always say that we run to God in the bad times and kind of forget about Him when things are going good? well not anymore! no need for a relationship rollercoaster when it comes to the Lord. i’ve been really good recently about making sure i have my devotional/quiet time everyday and praying to Him daily and i want to keep that up!!


this intention is pretty self-explanatory. i want to get back to being consistently happy..with myself, with my life and being content with where i’m at in God’s plan for me. lastly, being present in the moment. it’s my last semester of college! i need to be soaking up all these fun times that are to come!












2018 goals:



set & maintain a blogging schedule.

incorporate functionality & mobility movements in every workout.

hit over 5K on instagram! we can do this!

attend NYFW in the fall.

if i think of anymore goals or intentions i will be sure to add them and update you! are you setting intentions, resolutions or goals this year? if so, let me know in the comments!

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